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Manabu Oshio
Birth name 押尾学
Born (1978-05-06) May 6, 1978 (age 39)
Tokyo, Japan Japan
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Occupation(s) Singer-actor
Instruments Vocalist, lyricist, guitarist, composer
Years active 2002–present
Labels Universal Music, Tris
Associated acts L.I.V
Members Toru Minami, KATOMAI, HELLO, Ju-Ken , DJ Soma, Takuma (Miyavi Support Member)

Manabu Oshio (押尾 学, Oshio Manabu, born May 6, 1978) is a Japanese former singer and actor. He is the former vocalist of the band LIV. He was convicted in 2011 of drug use and failing to provide assistance to an acquaintance who died after taking drugs he had provided her.


Raised in Los Angeles, California, United States from age 4 to 12 before moving back to Tokyo, Japan, Oshio writes his lyrics in English and Japanese. He has played in many starring roles in TV shows,dramas, commercials, and movies in Japan as well as in China.[1]

Oshio made his acting debut in 1997 in Ai, Tokidoki Uso. Later Oshio formed his band LIV in 2002. Their first single Without You was released in January and their debut album "The First Chapter" was later released in October of the same year. Their second single Try was released in May and went to number 1[1] on the Oricon charts.

Oshio continued over the next 3 years juggling acting, performing live and releasing albums under his band Liv. His last studio album on Universal Japan was "Mi Vida Loca", shortly after his departure from Universal his singles collection was released "Coleccion de Oro".

Reports Announced that on October 4, 2005 Oshio was quitting acting to pursue his musical career. He quit his management agency and joined indie label Daiki Sound. Oshio's last drama was Satomi Hakkenden . In 2006 he married Akiko Yada.

Oshio decided to make a return to acting in 2008. He signed to Avex Entertainment, citing that he would like to expand his international career and was happy with Avex Entertainment's global aims.[2]

Announced in August 2008 that he was reviving his band LIV. In his own words the band is going to "start from zero". The band had introduced to new members and were said to be working on a new album.[3]

Court case[edit]

On August 2, 2009 he was arrested at Roppongi Hills for possession of MDMA during an investigation into the death of a hostess.[4][5] He was subsequently dropped by Avex Entertainment for violating his contract.[6] Since the arrest of Oshio Manabu his music labels have cancelled distribution of all his releases. It's unclear if they will be available again.[7] After his arrest his wife Akiko Yada decided to file for divorce, citing "incompatible values" [8]

His blog "Entertainment Crusher", which had been active since 2006, was recently deleted.[9]

On December 7, 2009, he was arrested again by the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

"Police on Monday [December 7] arrested actor-singer Manabu Oshio on suspicion of giving the synthetic drug MDMA to a woman who died in August while they were together in a Tokyo apartment, investigative sources said.

The Metropolitan Police Department is also investigating the 31-year-old Oshio, who was given a suspended 18-month prison sentence last month for using MDMA, on suspicion of failing to take sufficient action to help Kaori Tanaka, a 30-year-old bar employee who died.

Oshio allegedly violated the Narcotics Drug Control Law by giving Tanaka the drug, commonly known as Ecstasy, at the apartment in the posh Roppongi Hills complex on Aug. 2."

"The police on Monday also arrested Yusuke Izumida, a 31-year-old acquaintance of Oshio who runs an Internet shopping business, for allegedly delivering the drug to Oshio, and Ryohei Endo, the performer's 28-year-old former manager, on suspicion of destroying evidence by throwing away Tanaka's cell phone.

According to the police, Tanaka fell ill and her condition took a turn for the worse at around 6:30 p.m. Aug. 2 after taking the drug with Oshio. Oshio told Endo over the phone that she had not regained consciousness, and the manager arrived at around 7:40 p.m. An emergency call was made at 9:19 p.m.

By the time paramedics arrived and confirmed her death at the scene at 9:27 p.m., Oshio had gone to another unit in the apartment building."[10]

Kaori Tanaka died because of an unknown cause in the apartment of the Roppongi Hills Residence B2307, Tokyo. The apartment was being rented by Oshio's female friend, Mika Noguchi (born January 13, 1965), at the time of the fatal incident in August.[11]

Mika Noguchi is a well known Japanese female entrepreneur and she appeared in the Japanese TV show "Dragons' Den"(Japanese title was "Tigers of Money") during 2002 and 2003.

Oshio was convicted of giving the girl Ecstasy and neglecting to care for her after she fell gravely ill. He was sentenced to 30 months in prison, which was upheld by the Tokyo High Court on 18 April 2011.[12] On 15 February 2012, the Supreme Court of Japan upheld Oshio's conviction. The decision meant that Oshio will be required to consecutively serve both the 18-month sentence for drug use and the 30-month sentence in prison.[13]



  • The First Chapter (2002)
  • Skeleton Key (2003)
  • Mi Vida Loca (2005)
  • Coleccion de Oro BEST 2002-2005 (2005)
  • Manifest (2007)


  • Without You(2002)
  • Try(2002)
  • SOUL(2002)
  • May I be happy forever/FLY(2003)
  • Are you alive?(2003)
  • FAKE STAR(2004)
  • THE SHOW(2004)
  • 未来の花{Mirai no hana}(2005)
  • LOVE YOUR LIFE(2006)
  • キンモクセイ{kinmokusei}(2006)
  • me against myself(2007)
  • game(2007)



  • Beastie Life feat. Manabu Oshio(2007)


  • Clips One(2002)
  • Clips Two(2003)
  • LIV TOUR 2003 SKELETON KEY Live at Zepp Tokyo 2003.12.07(2004)
  • Clips Three(2005)
  • El Documental de Mi Vida Loca~LIV TOUR 2005 Mi Vida Loca~(2006)


  • Satomi Hakkenden (2006)
  • Yume de Aimashou (2005)
  • Rikon Bengoshi (SP) (2004)
  • Kunimitsu no Matsuri (2003)
  • Double Score (2002)
  • Haru Ranman (2002)
  • Love Revolution (2001)
  • 2001 no otoko un (2001)
  • Yamato Nadeshiko (2000)
  • Hatachi no kekkon (2000)



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