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Managed dedicated server is a service that includes the hardware, software, and ongoing upkeep of a dedicated server.The dedicated server industry often bundles additional services and products with the servers to provide a deeper level of management. Another type of managed service is [vps hosting (virtual private server), this is multiple smaller servers within a larger server under the same hardware.

Managed dedicated server providers employ full-time system administrators that maintain dedicated servers. A managed dedicated server allows for not only more productivity, but eases your mind about a multitude of other issues, sometimes unforeseen by the client and even the developers working on functions of the dedicated hosting server. Security is a very large factor in choosing not only a managed dedicated hosting company,[1] but also in choosing a managed dedicated server. Management features include:[2][3][4][5]

Companies that offer managed dedicated servers often include these services as packages with the server. Managed dedicated servers differ from dedicated server or unmanaged dedicated servers as the owners are not expected to be the full-time system administrators.

Managed dedicated servers have these benefits of convenience, because the provider does some or all of the management work for you. However, this does come at a cost because most managed dedicated servers cost significantly more than a similar un-managed server.[6]

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