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Managem Group
S.A. (corporation)
Traded as MASI:MNG
Industry Mine and hydrometallurgy
Founded 1930
Key people
Abdelaziz Abarro (CEO)
Products Base metals, precious metals, cobalt, others
Revenue 3,84 billion MAD (389 million USD) (2014)
Number of employees
3500 in Morocco
400 in abroad
Subsidiaries Compagnie de Tifnout Tighanimine (CTT)
Société Métallurgique d'Imiter (SMI)
Akka Gold Mining
Compagnie Minière de Guemassa (CMG)
Compagnie Minière de Saghro

Managem Group is a Moroccan key player in the mining and hydrometallurgy sectors. For over 85 years, the group has been operating in the extraction, development and marketing of base metals, precious metals, cobalt and other minerals, in Morocco and Africa.


1928 : Discovery of a Cobalt deposit in Bou-Azzer.

1930 : Creation of the company CTT, and start-up of the Bou-Azzer mine, specializing in the production of cobalt concentrate.

1932 : Beginning of manganese prospecting in Aoulouz, and iron in Tanguerfa.

1942 : Launch of the Tiouine manganese deposit operations by CTT.

1949 : Founding of the Société des Mines de Bouskour (SMBS) for the exploitation of a copper deposit located in the region of Ouarzazate.

1953 : Construction of a 29 km cable car in the High Atlas for the evacuation of manganese ore.

1961 : Creation of SAMINE.

1974 : Start ofoperationsfor the El Hammam mine, specialized in the production of fluorite.

1981 : Start of operations of the Bleida mine, by SOMIFER.

1983 : Creation of REMINEX, a subsidiary specializing in R & D, engineering and exploration services.

1992 : Start ofoperationsforthe Hajar polymetallic mine.

1996 : Creation of Managem holding, gatheringthe mineral interests of the ONA Group.

1996 : Takeover of Société Métallurgique d'Imiter.

1996 : Beginning of the hydrometallurgical operationsof cobalt tailings deposits processing from the mine of Bou-Azzer.

1997 : Production start of the cobalt cathodes from the hydrometallurgical development of concentrates in the Bou-Azzer mine.

1997 : First international permits in Guinea.

1999 : Acquisition of 34% of SEMAFO, a Canadian exploration company.

2000 : IPO of Managem.

2001 : Start of operationsfor the Akka gold mine.

2002 : Increase of the Group's interest to 52% in SEMAFO’s capital.

2002 : Start of operationsfor the Kiniero gold mine in Guinea.

2002 : Launch of the zinc oxide production unit at the Guemassa site.

2004 : Launch of the Draâ Sfar polymetallic mine.

2004 : Exploitation begins at the Samira Hill gold Mine in Niger

2005 : Transfer of the majority of SEMAFO Inc.

2005 : Creation of MANATRADE AG.

2005 : Acquisition of 63% of the Bakoudou gold project in Gabon.

2006 : Creation of LAMIKAL Companyin the Democratic Republic of Congo.

2007 : Launch of Copper production in Akka.

2008 : Creation of MANAGEM INTERNATIONAL, a holding company owning all the interests of the Group abroad.

2008 : Acquisition of permits in Sudan.

2011 : Increase of Managem’s capital and opening to the Group’s employees.

2011 : Creation of Manadist to strengthen the Group’s trading structure.

2012 : Creation of a new subsidiary called "Compagnie Minière d’Oumejrane".

2012 : Launch of the gold production at Bakoudou in Gabon.

2013 : Start of the extension project of SMI.

2013 : Start of activity for the sulfuric acid plant in Guemassa.

2014 : Start of production of copper in the Oumejrane project.

2014 : Conduct of feasibility studies for two copper projects: Bouskour in Morocco and Pumpi in DRC.

Shareholder structure[edit]

Shareholder structure on 31 December 2013:

Shareholder  %
SNI 81,43
Floating Stock 17,67
Employees 0,90

National locations[edit]

Site Localisation Produit
El Hammam Mine 63 km south of Meknes Fluorine CaF2 – Acid Grade
Hajar Polymetallic Mine 35 km south of Marrakech Zinc Concentrates, Zinc Oxide, Lead and Copper Concentrates
Draa Sfar Mine 13 km north of Marrakech Zinc Concentrates, Zinc Oxide, Lead and Copper Concentrates
hydrométallurgical complex of Guemassa 30 km south of Marrakech Cobalt Cathodes (99.3% purity), Cobalt oxide, Zinc Oxide, Sodium Sulfate
Oumjrane Mine 90 km from Zagora Copper
Bou-Azzer Mine 120 km south of Ouarzazate Cobalt
Imiter Mine 150 km east of Ouarzazate Silver anodes
Akka Mine 180 km southwest of Agadir Copper concentrates

International locations[edit]

Site or project Location Product
Bakoudou Mine 600 km from Libreville and 90 km from Maounda, Gabon Gold
Etéké Project Etéké Région, Gabon Gold
Exploration Project 100 km North-East from Pointe-Noire city, on the Mayombe region, Congo Gold
Exploration Project Gold reserve in Wadi Gabgaba, Schereik and Nigeim, Sudan Gold
Pumpi Project Kolwezi territory in Katanga, Democratic Republic of Congo Copper, Cobalt
Project of alloys production furnaces Lubumbashi, Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo Copper, Cobalt
Exploration Project Ethiopia, Mauritania -

Activities and key figures[edit]

Product portfolio[edit]

Precious metals[edit]

  • Silver anodes
  • Gold bullion

Base metals[edit]

  • Copper concentrate
  • Zinc concentrate
  • Lead concentrate


  • Cobalt cathode
  • Cobalt oxide



  • Zinc oxide
  • Arsenic trioxide
  • Nickel sulfate
  • Copper sulfate
  • Sodium sulfate
  • Sulfuric acid
  • Iron oxide



The Group’s 120 geologists provide exploration and research for new deposits.

Research & Development[edit]

Research & Development is led by the REMINEX center that counts 50 researchers, 24 industrial processes and 7 owned patents.

Engineering and project management[edit]

Consisting of 70 employees (including 60 engineers), this activity is specialized in the design and implementation of projects.

Boring services and mining works[edit]

320 specialized employees carry out the boring services and mining operations.

Treatment and mine[edit]

Operating and exploration companies provide 3,200 jobs in Morocco on 7 different sites and 400 employees globally.


The Group's distribution network spans 15 countries with 12 products sold; mainly base metals, Cobalt, Fluorite, Gold and Silver.

Key figures[edit]

In 2013, Managem made a turnover of 3,77 billion dirhams, or $382 million.

Distribution of the 2013 turnover by product
Silver 29%
Gold 18%
Copper 26%
Zinc and Lead 10%
Cobalt & Hydro 10%
Fluorite 6%
Margins and other 8%

In 2014, the Group achieved a turnover of 3.84 billion dirhams, or $389 million.[1]

Sustainable development policy[edit]

The Group's sustainable development vision[edit]

The Group aims to be "a mining operator and market leader in the region through performance, innovation and responsibility." The axis of its sustainable development policy focuses on ensuring the sustainability of resources, the preservation of the environment, respect of social dialogue, the preservation of health and safety, community outreachand promoting good governance and ethics.

The positive effects of the activity[edit]

Through its activity, Managem created 7500 direct and indirect jobs, with a recruitment policy that aims to encourage young Moroccan graduates. Investing in human resources, the group has also contributed to the training of 3,300 professionals (equivalent 18500 m / d training) in 2013, thanks to its training center.

With 1.5% of its turnover dedicated to R&D[2] the Group develops processes that are 100% Moroccan. Managem Group is a pioneer of innovation in Morocco, in the areas of chemical and hydrometallurgical industry

The extension of the group's activities in Africa participates tothe transfer of technology and expertise on the continent.

Managem Solidaires (“Managem Solidarity”)[edit]

Managem contributes to economic and social development, has a strong community outreach program for the surroundings of its sites, through the Managem Solidaires (“Managem Solidarity”) program that covers 4 areas of intervention:[3]

  • Solidarity for student success;
  • Solidarity to offer new opportunities;
  • Solidarity for the welfare of the community;
  • Solidarity for entrepreneurship

In a collaborative process, Managem dialogues with local communities to identify their needs, and acts through substantialand targeted actions to improve their living conditions. The program has deployed a total budget of 35 million dirhams for the year 2014.[4]

Environmental protection[edit]

The Group aims to reduce its carbon footprint by lowering the annual electricity consumption of each of its sites from 5% to 10%, streamline the recycled water consumption and minimize the intake of fresh water for treatment processes.

In addition, the Group has implemented a "zerowaste" program that aims to putthe tailings resources through a recycling process through R&D : waste generated by mining operations is transformed to create new business opportunities through the development of new products.

In 2013, the Guemassa industrial complex has started operating its sulfuric acid plant. Its industrial process permits the valorizationof the mine’s tailings and their transformation into new products (iron oxide and sulfuric acid) while producing clean energy for the site.[5]


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