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Management Consulting Group PLC
Traded as LSEMMC
Industry Management consulting services
Founded Chicago, USA, 1946
Headquarters London
Key people
Nicholas Stagg, CEO and Chairman
Revenue Decrease £45 million (2016)
Number of employees

Management Consulting Group, PLC is a consulting company listed on the London Stock Exchange under the name MMC. The company was originally named Alexander Proudfoot PLC, after its founder. In 1993 it shortened its name to Proudfoot PLC. In January, 2001 it changed its name to the current name of Management Consulting Group, PLC.[1] The company provides professional services across a wide range of industries and sectors via the Proudfoot practice.[2]


Company overview[edit]

Proudfoot is a consulting company eponymous of its founder, Alexander Proudfoot, that was founded in Chicago, Illinois during 1946. Over its history it has also opened offices in South Africa, Hong Kong, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Chile, UK and Mexico City. The company was initially known as Proudfoot Consulting PLC, and changed its name to that of its founder in 2009. The company provides strategies for improving the financial and operational infrastructure of client companies. Industries that the company has worked within include the defense industry, automotive industry, banking and construction sectors, insurance, life sciences, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing and retail, telecommunications, and transportation.[3] The firm works with private and public companies, and is hired to improve the efficiency of those companies over either short-term or long-term contracts.[4][5] The CEO and Chairman of the firm is Nick Stagg.[6]


Proudfoot also produces studies regarding workforce dynamics. A 2007 study of theirs showed that during that year, the manufacturing sector had a 37% rate of unproductive work force time, and that worldwide companies were 29% below optimum productive efficiency.[7][8][9] Further studies by the firm showing non-productivity have shown that the fault is not always with the employees, and that often the lack of productivity is the result of bad or faulty management.[10] In 2009 a study by Alexander Proudfoot showed that on average a salesperson only spends one fifth of their day actually prospecting or closing sales, and usually believes they have spent twice the time they actually have on sales work.[11]

Kurt Salmon[edit]

Main article: Kurt Salmon

Kurt Salmon is a global management and strategy consulting firm formed by the merger of Ineum Consulting and Kurt Salmon Associates (KSA) in January 2011. In 2016, Accenture acquired Kurt Salmon.[12]


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