Manah, Oman

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Manah (Arabic: منح‎‎) is a town in the region Ad Dakhiliyah, in northeastern Oman.


The wilayat of Manah is thought to be the first resting place of Malik bin Fahim al Azdi before the Arabs entered Oman when the Maa'rab Dam in Yemen broke. A falaj in Manah still bears his name. In the old town, there are many caves which were said to be hiding places during the war for women and children. There is also a subterranean vault located in one of the ancient houses in Al Fiqin. Legend surrounds the Az al Qadim mosque: it is said that a 100 kg rock was moved by a visitor to the mosque, which he took with him on his travels south. The next day, upon waking, the man noticed the rock had gone, only to be found back in the mosque. The rock still lies in the mosque and has the imprint of a man's foot on it. Sultan Qaboos' Royal Camp for inspection of the region of Dakhliyah lies at Seih al Barakat in Manah.

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Coordinates: 22°47′28″N 57°35′13″E / 22.791°N 57.587°E / 22.791; 57.587

(ولاية منح أم الفقير )