Manaivikku Mariyadhai

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Manaivikku Mariyadhai
Directed by V. C. Guhunathan
Produced by Ramasamy
Story by Pugazhmani
Starring Pandiarajan
Music by Sirpi
Cinematography K. B. Ahmed
Edited by R. T. Annadurai
Release date
1 October 1999
Country India
Language Tamil

Manaivikku Mariyadhai (English: Respect for wife) is a 1999 Tamil language film directed by V. C. Guhunathan and produced by Ramasamy. The film featured Pandiarajan alongside Kushboo, while Manivannan plays a supporting role. The film, which had music composed by Sirpi, opened in October 1999.[1]


Pandiarajan wants to marry a housewife. Kushboo loves and marries Pandiarajan because of her father's betrayal towards his family. Pandiarajan makes her as a housewife and earns money and continue being the breadwinner of the family.

One fine day, his office got bankrupt and his job was gone. Kushboo volunteeringly accepts to go for a job. Her boss Ranjith likes her and tries to force her to marry him. She didn't accept so Ranjith forcefully kidnaps her and try to rape her in the moving van. Pandiarajan comes in time to rescue her wife bashes all of his henchmen and at last celebrates his first night in the moving lift. The climax was a bit comedic compared to the usual ending.



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