Manal Kayiru

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Manal Kayiru
Directed by Visu
Produced by Rajam Balachander,
Pushpa Kandhasamy
Written by Visu
Starring S. Ve. Shekhar
Music by M. S. Viswanathan
Release date
May 7th 1982
Running time
140 minutes
Country India
Language Tamil

Manal Kayiru (English: Sand Rope) is a 1982 Tamil movie directed by Visu. It was remade in Kannada as Savira Sullu.


Kittumani lays down Eight Conditions which the girl he marries should fulfill. His uncle Naradar Naidu is fed up of finding him a girl.The eight conditions are as follows-

  • As Kittumani is a, she should have started studying but should have left in between.
  • She should know Hindi as his company has branches in Hindi-speaking cities.
  • She should look pretty only to Kittumani, but not to anyone else.
  • She should be bold to withstand thieves, kidnappers, etc.
  • She should cook both Veg and Non.veg as he is a vegetarian and his best friend is a non-Vegetarian.
  • As he can play Mridangam, She should know how to dance with it.
  • Their secrets should be known to each other but their secrets hasn't be known to anyone.
  • After Kittumani's death, she should remarry and live happily.

At last Naradar Naidu finds a girl who is very nice but unfortunately doesn't fulfill any condition.After some Zig-Zag work, he arranges their marriage.After 4 days, Kittumani finds that not a single condition gets fulfilled.He plans to send her out of his house but Naidu,who pretends to support Kittumani, stops him.
Later they realize that she is pregnant with Kittumani's child. After his sister is thrown out of her husband's house as per Naidu's instructions and his wife's learning and speaking of Hindi, Kittumani agrees to let her stay with him. He also has his own selfish reasons as he experiences a lot of trouble cooking.At last they all convince, but Naidu is thrown out of the house as he is said to be the only reason behind the confusion. Naidu reveals that he did this as he, like Kittumani, had placed conditions which should be fulfilled by his fiance and just before the marriage, he came to know that some conditions weren't fulfilled. The girl committed suicide and from then he pledged to save people's life from these types of issues.



Soundtrack was composed by MS Viswanathan.[1][2]

  • Mappillai Sir
  • Mandhirapunnagai
  • Ettuvidha Kattalai


The sequel for the film has SV Shekar and Visu reprising their roles with SV Shekar's son Ashwin Shekhar portraying the lead role.[3]


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