Manali aeri

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Manali aeri
Mathur aeri
Madavaram aeri
Location Manali-Mathur-Madavaram, Chennai, India
Type Lake
Basin countries India
Surface area 150 acres (61 ha)
Settlements Chennai

Manali aeri, or Mathur aeri or Madhavaram aeri, is a 150-acre lake in the Manali-Mathur-Madavaram area of Chennai, India. Due to indiscriminate dumping of garbage and sewage, the lake has shrunk to less than 100 acres.

A recent study by Nature Trust, an NGO working on the flora and fauna recorded in the lake, showed that about 55 species of birds have been reported in the wetland. However, about 500 birds were regularly sighted till the mid-1990s.

The lake was cleaned by NSS volunteers of JHA Agarcen College in Madhavaram in December 2009.[1]

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