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Manas University
Manas University logo.png
Motto "Future is in our hands"(Turkish: "Gelecek Elimizde.")
Type Public Research university
Established 1995

Sebahattin Balcı[1]

Asilbek Kulmirzayev[2]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 5500 (all campuses)[3]
Undergraduates 5000
Postgraduates 200
Location Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Djal (500 acres/2.00km² Cyngyz Aitmatov Campus)

456 acres (1.85 km2)

Red, White, Yellow


Manas University was founded according to the agreement between governments of Republic of Turkey and Kyrgyz Republic about establishment of Kyrgyz Turkish 'Manas University' in the Kyrgyzstan's capital city Bishkek, which was signed in Izmir on 30/09/1995, which was afterward approved by the competent authorities of both countries. Studying process at the University started in 1997-1998.

To be accepted to the university, students from Kyrgyz Republic are supposed to pass through the examination held by the university, while students from Turkey are accepted according to their score at the Student Selection and Placement Center examination (TCS), as do other students from Turkic peoples and related communities.

By the end of the first semester of the 2011-2012 academic year there were 3809 undergraduate students studying at 9 faculties, 4 high schools, 1 vocational school. Also there were 196 graduate students at 2 institutions.

According to the Council of Higher Education (Turkey), the university has the same status as other universities in Turkey. The education in the university is free; students are provided with “Academic Achievement Scholarship”. Textbooks are supplied. Educational scholarship is given by the Republic of Turkey Government. Students are provided with cheap lunch and can apply for accommodation in the dorms.

Teaching medium are Turkish language and Kyrgyz language as well as English language and Russian language.

Manas University is represented by a multicultural environment with students from 14 countries and regions. Out of class, students enjoy a lively campus life with a range of sports teams, students clubs, and campus events including contests, festivals, career days, tournaments and more.

To supplement learning, KTMU provides internship opportunities for students in the Central Bank of Turkey, the Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE), Turkey Radio and Television Corporation (TRT), Turkey Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB), Turkish Ziraat Bank and other institutions. Students may also participate in exchange programs through Mevlana, ERASMUS PLUS, Open World, US Central Asian Education Foundation.

Research centers[edit]

  • Biotechnology and Biodiversity Research Center
  • Central Asian Studies Center
  • Continuous Learning Center
  • Distance Education Center
  • Students Selection and Placement Center (SSPC)
  • Turkic Civilization Research and Application Center

Technology center and laboratories[edit]

  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Histology / Morphology Laboratory
  • Advanced Computing Laboratory
  • Distance Learning Application Center
  • Statistics Laboratory
  • Computer Graphics Laboratory
  • Laboratory Fiction
  • Animation Lab
  • Graphics Lab
  • TV Studio
  • Central Research Laboratory (HPLS)
  • Environmental Analysis and General Chemistry Laboratory
  • Internet Programming Laboratory
  • Biomonitoring Laboratory
  • Software Development Laboratory
  • Research-Based Advanced Computer Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Anatomy
  • Histology / Embryology Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Parasitology
  • Laboratory of Biochemistry
  • Physiology Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Animal Nutrition
  • Garden and Field Crops Laboratory
  • Fitopology Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Entomology and Nemotology
  • Theatre Laboratory
  • Kitchen Laboratory
  • Laboratory Service Bar
  • Front Office Laboratory
  • TUMDER - Translation Application and Multimedia Laboratory
  • Concrete Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Automotive
  • CAD Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Modern Office
  • Masonry Workshop
  • Wood Workshop

Graduate schools and programs[edit]

* Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

  • Biology (MSc)
  • Mathematics (MSc/PhD)
  • Computer Engineering (MSc/PhD)
  • Environmental Engineering (MSc)
  • Food Engineering (MSc/PhD)
  • Chemical Engineering (MSc)

* Graduate School of Social Sciences
Educational Sciences ( Msc / Phd )
Education Management and Councelling( Ms)
History ( Ms / Phd )
Philosophy ( Ms)
Sociology ( Ms )
Simultaneous Translation ( Ms)
Turcology ( Ms / Phd )
Economics ( Ms / Phd )
Finance ( Ms / Phd )
International Relations ( Ms )
Management ( Ms / Phd )
Islamic Studies ( Ms)
Communication Sciences ( Msc/Phd )
Tourism and Hotel Management ( Ms)

Under Graduate Schools and Departments[edit]

Department of Horticulture and Agronomy
Department of Plant Protection
Department of Animal Science

Department of Journalism
Department of Public Relations and Advertising
Department of Radio, Television and Cinema

Department of Economy
Department of Management
Department of Finance
Department of International Relations
Department of Finance and Banking

Department of Chemical Engineering
Department of Computer Engineering
Department of Ecological Engineering
Department of Food Engineering

Department of Painting
Department of Graphics

Department of Western Languages
Department of Eastern Languages
Department of Educational Science
Department of Philosophy
Department of Sociology
Department of History
Department of Turkology
Department of Translations

Department of Mathematics
Department of Applied Mathematics and Informatics
Department of Biology

Department of Islamic Studies
Department of Religious Studies


  • School of Physical Education and Sports

Department of Physical Education and Sports Teaching
Department of Coaching Education

  • School of Conservatory

Department of Music Arts
Department of Scene Arts

  • School of Tourism and Hotel Management

Department of Tourism and Hotel Management
Department of Travel Business and Tourism Guidanсe
Department of Gastonomy and Сulinary Arts

  • School of Foreign Languages

Department of Language Teaching
Department of Foreign Languages

Vocational schools[edit]

  • Vocational School

Life and housing[edit]

Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University provides students with several housing options. There are two new dorm buildings housing a total of 1456 students, and one subdivided apartment building housing a total of 900 students.[4]


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