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Manasseh (/mə.ˈnæs.ə/;[1] Hebrew: מְנַשֵּׁה‎‎ "Mnaše") is an Ancient Hebrew language name for men meaning "causing to forget".[2]

Notable people[edit]

People with the given name Manasseh or Menashe include:

  • Manasseh (tribal patriarch), a son of Joseph, grandson of Jacob, according to the Torah
  • Menasseh or Manasseh was the name of two Khazar rulers of the Bulanids:
  • Manasseh of Judah, a king of the Judah
  • Menashe Amir (born 1940), Persian-language broadcaster on Israel Radio International
  • Menashe Kadishman (1932-2015), Israeli sculptor and painter
  • Menashe Klein (1924–2011), Hasidic Rebbe and posek
  • Menashe Oppenheim (1905–73), Polish Jewish singer, composer, and songwriter
  • Manasseh (High Priest of Israel), the ancestor of a priest named Jonathan, mentioned in the Book of Judges as being the son of Gershom, son of Manasseh
  • Manasseh, a Jewish-born priest who married a Samaritan and withdrew from Jerusalem to Mount Gerizim


  • The Devil Colony, throughout James Rollins' seventh Sigma Force novel, the Manasseh are referred to by Native Americans, Mormons, and other characters as exiled Israelites, "pale Indians", "white Indians", and the "14th colony", and Chapter 24 describes symbols America's Founding Fathers included in the Great Seal of the United States to memorialize the Manasseh, e.g., an olive branch and sheaf of arrows

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