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Manasthan movie poster 2004.jpg
Manasthan movie poster
Directed byK. Bharathi
Produced byK. Dhandapani
Written byK. Bharathi
Sakshi Sivanand
Music byS. A. Rajkumar
Edited byV. T. Vijayan
Malar Combines
Release date
  • 18 June 2004 (2004-06-18)
Running time
152 minutes

Manasthan is a 2004 Tamil romantic family drama film directed by K.Bharathi. It stars Sarathkumar and Sakshi Sivanand in lead roles. Abbas, Vijayakumar and Sujatha play supporting roles. The music was composed by S. A. Rajkumar. The film was released in 18 June 2004 to average reviews.


A landlord (Vijayakumar) and his wife (Sujatha) have two sons Deva (Sarath Kumar) and Selva (Abbas). Deva is an illiterate village bumpkin who is naive and is devoted to his family while Selva is a college student. The father develops a sudden hatred towards Deva which leads him to hatch a plot to get rid of him - the reason is the suspense in the climax. This time the baddies are the cousins of Deva who fight over property.



Soundtrack was composed by S. A. Rajkumar and lyrics written by Pa. Vijay, Nandalala and Kalaikumar.[1]

No. Song Singers Lyrics
1 Aasavechen Swarnalatha, Srinivas Nandalala
2 Katha Katha K. S. Chithra P. Vijay
3 Pattu Jarikai Mano, P. Unnikrishnan Kalaikumar
4 Raasa Raasa K. S. Chithra, Hariharan Nandalala
5 Un E Mail (Not in Film) Sujatha, Devan P. Vijay
6 Vaada Thambi S. P. Balasubrahmanyam


Indiaglitz wrote "Debutant director Bharathi has tried to come out with a movie on father-son relationship, targetting the family audience. When fast-paced scripts are the order of the day in Tamil filmdom, the narration seems slow in Manasthan."[2] BBthots wrote "Uninspired is the word that comes to mind when watching Maanasthan, Sarathkumar's latest outing. For the most part, the director shows no inclination to surprise the viewer with any developments that have not been seen in other movies. Everything about the movie, from Sarathkumar's too-good-to-be-true character to the big twist midway, is so familiar that the entire first half can be predicted after seeing the first couple of reels. Thankfully, the second half throws up a few surprises, saving the movie from being completely redundant."[3] Sify wrote "Manasthan is as stale as day before yesterday?s sambarand can be avoided."[4]