Manasu Mamatha

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Manasu Mamatha
GenreSoap Opera, Drama
Directed byAnil Kumar
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Telugu
No. of episodes2,481 as of 02 January 2019
Production location(s)Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Araku valley, Borra caves, Pollachi
Running timeApprox. 22 minutes
Original networkE TV Telugu
Original release2011 –
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Manasu Mamatha (Telugu: మనసు మమత) is an Indian Telugu serial airing on the E TV Telugu from Monday to Saturday at 7:30 pm (IST). Directed by Anil Kumar.G, this Telugu serial has completed 2,468 episodes (as of 19 December 2018) and is still on the air. The pilot episode aired in 2011.[1][2]


The story starts with Mr. Koteshwar Rao (Koti), who works for Harshavardan, a man of high status and affluence. Koti, a simple lower-middle class man, lives with his wife and their daughter, Archana, a beautiful girl with praiseworthy character. Archana is valued by Mr. Koti's boss, but Harshavardan's horrible daughter, Soundarya, is jealous of Archana and pulls pranks on her.

The story then turns to Ramprasad, an industrial worker whose wife Pooja dies, leaving his daughter Lalli (Lalitha) and him alone. Meanwhile, Archana joins a school as a teacher and is assigned to Lalli's class. Archana soon learns about Lalli and is highly empathetic towards her, which allows them to form a friendship. Shortly thereafter Ramprasad and Archana marry, and Lalli gains a loving mother for herself.

The newly formed family starts living happily with Ramprasad's parents, his brother Krishna, and his sister. Meanwhile, Soundarya keeps trying to cause problems for them, and in a turn of events, marries Krishna, Ramprasad's brother. She soon starts causing trouble for everyone in the house. She robs Ramprasad's father, who then dies of grief.

The story now turns to Gayatri Devi, a wealthy widow with a son called Bunny. Ramprasad and his family begin to lead a normal life, until Archana suddenly dies in an accident. Meanwhile, Soundarya divorces Krishna and marries Gayatri Devi's rich cousin, Shashank. The two of them then decide to kill Gayatri Devi and take her wealth.

The plot thickens when Krishna claims to have seen Archana. Knowing that this is impossible, Ramprasad does not believe him, but it is later discovered that Archana has a lookalike. The girl falls in love with Krishna and they get married. In another twist of events, however, Archana turns out to be not dead at all! She chose to run away from the house because she was unhappy. She now works as a laborer on a construction site which belongs to Gayatri Devi. Soon Gayatri Devi is murdered by Soundarya and Shashank. During the murder, Archana gets injured badly, scarring her face. The doctors decide to put Gayatri Devi's face on Archana to save her from an untimely death. After recovery, the doctors reveal the truth to Archana and she agrees to take Gayatri Devi's identity. Soundarya is shocked to see Gayatri Devi (who is actually Archana) still alive.

A bit later, Krishna and Archana's lookalike leave for the USA. Back at the real Archana's home, Bunny runs away. He is taken care of by a taxi driver's family and changes his name to Raja. As Raja, he now has a new enemy named Ashok. By this point, Soundraya has been found guilty and has been jailed for the murder of Gayatri Devi. Ashok is a police officer who holds a grudge against Raja. Raja flees his village and settles down in Hyderabad, moving in with a criminal called Shankar and his sister Laxmi. Ashok and Raja start fighting over Lalli, Ramprasad's now grown-up daughter. Lalli, however, ends up marrying Ashok. At this time, Krishna and his daughter Chandu land at Hyderabad. They tell their family that Archana's lookalike died in the USA.

Archana now reveals her actual identity to the family. Also, Raja learns of his real family history and inherits lots of money, so he starts an orphanage. Also, Shankar is killed by Ashok. Shankar's sister, Laxmi, falls in love with Raja, but Raja is in love with Chandu. Laxmi gives up on her pursuit for Raja and commits suicide. Due to certain misunderstandings, Raja and Chandu break up. However, when they are arguing one day, Raja proposes to Chandu out of nowhere. However, Chandu and Raja don't reveal this to anyone. They soon start living together again and reveal their marriage plans to everyone. Ramprasad does not agree to the marriage, and begins arguing with Raja. Due to all his stress, however, he dies of a heart attack.

Another twist in the tale arises when Archana's look alike is found again. Her real name is Jayanthi and owns a construction company: Jayanthi Constructions. Krishna is shocked by this. He starts working for the company, but realizes that Jayanthi is really a mean woman who shows no sympathy on her employees. One day, Chandu meets Jayanthi in her office. By the help of Jayanthi's father, who wants Jayanthi to get married, Chandu decides to get her father and Jayanthi married. Chandu convinces Jayanthi, and Jayanthi starts impressing Krishna. Right when Krishna agrees to marry Jayanthi, a case is put on Krishna. The girl who put the case on Krishna, Bhargavi, claims that Krishna is her father. Krishna disagrees, saying that he had no relations of these kind. But Bhargavi says that her mother, Soundarya, had written these truths when she was in jail and had even given birth to her in jail. She also had died in the jail.

The judge asks for a DNA test, which shows that Bhargavi was Krishna's daughter. Krishna then gets to know that Bhargavi had asked her friend to add some medicine in Krishna's Thums Up which he was drinking that day. Then Soundarya cheated. The friend tells this truth to Krishna, who now believes it and goes to Bhargavi. Bhargavi uses him as a servant, making up for the time Krishna didn't spend with her. Meanwhile, Chandu is diagnosed with brain cancer. She doesn't tell this to anyone and decides to leave everyone and everything and start fighting against Raja now, as she didn't want anyone to feel bad because of her death. Raja eventually gets angry and leaves her.

Chandu then finds out about this doctor called Chakravarthy, who leaves his wife and daughter Pinky due to some misunderstandings with his wife. Chandu then makes it her mission to join this family. She keeps trying, and Chandu's family keep searching for her. When she succeeds, Dr. Chakravarthy finds out about her disease and decides to cure her. The operation goes on, and by now Chandu's family is there in the hospital. Chandu is cured, but then the doctors realize that her eyesight is gone. Chandu stays blind for a few days before she is cured. Raja and Chandu get back together, and right when everything seems right, Bhargavi starts eyeing on Raja. She starts making Chandu suspicious of Raja, making her feel that Raja is cheating on her with Bhargavi. That's when Bhargavi files a case on Raja saying that he had tried to rape her.

Raja, with perfect evidence, wins the case. Archana now runs the orphanage that was started by Raja. That's when Chandu gets pregnant. When her good friend, a doctor, mentions to Krishna that she won't be able to have children and that Dr. Chakravarthy had mentioned this fact to her after Chandu's brain cancer operation. Everyone was happy at that time, no one got this topic. Chandu, was already holding grudges against Krishna Prasad, as she felt that her father had left her and was only with Bhargavi. Krishna comes and asks Chandu to get aborted, but does not mention the reason to her. Chandu feels that her dad hates her now and that he never wants to see her happy, so she tells him to get lost. But when her friend slowly mentions the fact to Chandu, she sadly has to agree. After the operation, the doctor says that Chandu's problem has now been cured! Things between Chandu and her dad then cool down. Again after some time, Chandu gets pregnant.



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