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The Manaul bird is a creature of Philippine folklore. There are three existing stories regarding Manaul. Each are different from each other and should not be combined in a single narrative.[1]

Panay Manaul[edit]

A Manaul bird was mentioned in the Code of Kalantiaw, a sacred code from the island of Panay. According to this document, the killing of this bird is punishable by death. It is highly believed that the belief surrounding the said Manaul originated during the dominance of the Confederation of Madja-as.[2]

Tagalog Manaul[edit]

In Tagalog folklore, it is said that Bathala sent a tigmamanukan omen bird he named "Manaul" to peck on the bamboo. Manaul flew from right to left and landed on the bamboo. When Manaul pecked on the bamboo, it opened in half and released the first man, Malakas, and first woman, Maganda. Manaul afterwards flew from right to left again, signalling a labay, or a good omen to proceed. In other sources, it was the bird form of the deity of peace, Amihan, who pecked the bamboo.[3]


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