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Manav India's first 3D printed humanoid robot
Manufacturer A-SET Robotics
Inventor Diwakar Vaish
Country  India
Year of creation 2014
Type Humanoid robot
Purpose Research, education and entertainment
Diwakar Vaish- the Inventor of Manav demonstrating the robot at IIT -Bombay Techfest 2015

Manav (Sanskrit: मानव, pronounced 'Maanav'/ Mɑnʌv, meaning "human") is India's first 3D printed expandable platform humanoid robot which was developed in the laboratory of A-SET Training and Research Institutes by Diwakar Vaish (head Robotics and Research, A-SET Training and Research Institutes) in late December 2014, it was debuted for the first time in the IIT-Bombay Techfest 2014-15.


  • Manav stands at 2 feet tall and has a weight of 2 kilograms, it is equipped with onboard sound processing and visual processing so it can respond to commands.
  • Thanks to the onboard processor and various sensors, Manav can perform various activities like walking, dancing with the only requirement of human voice commands.
  • Manav has the capability of Binocular vision processing giving it the ability to perceive depth and perspective.[1]
  • The Robot was designed in a span of 2 months.
  • Manav has a total of 21 degrees of freedom, two of which provide the movement of the head allowing to nod and look around. 1 degree of freedom goes to the waist which allows it to articulate the waist movement allowing for a more human-like movement.
  • The robot comes with a rechargeable Lithium polymer battery which can keep the robot running for one hour.
  • The Robot can be purchased with multiple micro-controllers and battery sizes according to the requirements of the user.
  • The robot is also equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Manav's outer body is made by Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic and designed in A-SET's own 3D printing laboratory.[2]

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