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The Right Reverend Ngarahu Katene, Bishop of Te Manawa o Te Wheke, giving a blessing.

Te Pihopatanga o Te Manawa o Te Wheke is an Episcopal polity (or Diocese) of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. The Hui Amorangi (Diocese) extends from the Bombay Hills south of Auckland through to Taumarunui (The King Country). Te Manawa o Te Wheke is one of 5 Hui Amorangi (Episcopal units) that comprise Te Pihopatanga o Aotearoa, the Māori Anglican Church in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

This Hui Amorangi (Diocese) has most recently become known for its liberal stance on the ordination of homosexuals. In 2011 at the annual Synod, the Hui Amorangi also formally rejected the proposed Anglican Covenant.

In 2015 this Hui Amorangi (Diocese) underwent a major restructure which resulted in the disestablishment of Archdeaconries and the merging of some Pariha (Parish).


There are 14 Rohe (regions) within Te Manawa o Te Wheke. The Rohe are grouped into 7 Rohe Mihana (Mission Regions), each led by a Missioner:

(Te Rohe Mihana o Waikato)

  • Waikato
  • Kirikiriroa
  • Puaha o Waikato

(Te Rohe Mihana o Waiariki)

  • Te Ngae
  • Ohinemutu
  • Tauponui-a-Tia

(Te Rohe Mihana o Waiwhakaari)

  • Mataatua
  • Te Kaha

(Te Rohe Mihana o Tauranga Moana)

  • Tauranga
  • Te Puke

(Te Rohe Mihana o Te Rohe Potae)

  • Te Rohe Potae
  • Waitomo

(Te Rohe Mihana o Hauraki)

  • Hauraki

Ministry also takes place in:

  • numerous prison, school and hospital chaplaincies
  • relational ministries including Kahui Wāhine (women's ministry), Kahui Tane (men's ministry), and Kahui Rangatahi (youth ministry)


The Diocese is governed by the Hui Amorangi, a representative synod that meets annually. The Amorangi Whaiti executive meets several times a year, to discuss matters pertaining to the Hui Amorangi.

The Hui Amorangi comes under the Episcopal leadership of the Bishop of Te Manawa o Te Wheke The Right Reverend Ngarahu Katene. Bishop Katene was ordained (consecrated) as Bishop at Te Papa-i-o-uru Marae, Rotorua on 14 October 2006. Bishop Katene is the first elected Bishop of Te Manawa o Te Wheke.

The Registrar/ Administrator is Mr. Ron McGough. Ron oversees the administrational function of the Amorangi.

The Reverend Dr Rangi Nicholson is Te Manutaki o te Wananga. All educational and missional needs of the Amorangi are met through its own Diocesan Theological College - Rangi heads that as Principal/ Manutaki. The focus of this college is to provide quality missions and theological education to equip Minita-a-iwi (non-stipendiary clergy) for ministry.

Each Mission unit is led by a Missioner/ Kaiwhakaako Mihana. The role of a missioner is twofold: 1 - To extend the educational work of the Wananga to the Rohe by providing local educational initiatives 2 - To act as an extension of the Bishop's pastoral ministry in that Rohe. Missioner's oversee all ministry and mission in their Rohe and report back to the Bishop frequently.

  • The Missioner of Waiariki is the Venerable Dr Te Waaka Melbourne (Archdeacon Emerius)
  • The Missioner of Waiwhakaari is the Reverend Canon Bill Tuhiwai
  • The Missioner of Tauranga Moana is the Reverend Christopher Douglas-Huriwai
  • The Missioner of Hauraki is the Reverend Dr Peter Wensor
  • The Missioner of Waikato & Te Rohe Potae is the Reverend Ngira Simmonds
Religious titles
Preceded by
Te Whakahuihui Vercoe

1992 - 2005

The Right Reverend Ngarahu Katene.

Te Pihopa o Te Manawa o Te Wheke.
2006 - Present

Succeeded by

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