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Alyth/Bonnybrook/Manchester is located in Calgary
Location of Manchester in Calgary
Coordinates: 51°01′14″N 114°01′26″W / 51.02056°N 114.02389°W / 51.02056; -114.02389Coordinates: 51°01′14″N 114°01′26″W / 51.02056°N 114.02389°W / 51.02056; -114.02389
Country  Canada
Province  Alberta
City  Calgary
Quadrant SE
Ward 9
 • Mayor Naheed Nenshi
 • Administrative body Calgary City Council
 • Councillor Gian-Carlo Carra
Elevation 1,045 m (3,428 ft)
Population (2006)[2]
 • Total 252
 • Average Income $35,675
Website Alyth/Bonnybrook/Manchester Community Association

Alyth/Bonnybrook/Manchester is a predominantly industrial and subordinately residential neighbourhood in the south-east quadrant of Calgary, Alberta. Alyth is located south of Inglewood, while Manchester lies east of Macleod Trail and south of 34 Avenue S (this section also named Burnsland).

The Alyth Yard of the Canadian Pacific Railway is located in Alyth.

Talisman Centre with Manchester in the background

They are represented in the Calgary City Council by the Ward 9 councillor. Manchester has an area redevelopment plan in place,[3] and the population is served by the Windsor Park Community Association.[4]

The postal code in this area is T2G.


In the City of Calgary's 2012 municipal census, Alyth/Bonnybrook had a population of 16 living in 14 dwellings, a -5.9% increase from its 2011 population of 17.[5] With a land area of 3.8 km2 (1.5 sq mi), it had a population density of 4.21/km2 (10.9/sq mi) in 2012.[5][6] Also in the 2012 municipal census, Manchester had a population of 618 living in 448 dwellings, a -7.6% increase from its 2011 population of 669.[5] With a land area of 0.5 km2 (0.19 sq mi), it had a population density of 1,240/km2 (3,200/sq mi) in 2012.[5][6]

Residents in this community had a median household income of $35,675 in 2000, and there were 35.8% low income residents living in the neighbourhood.[7] As of 2000, 14.3% of the residents were immigrants. A proportion of 66.7% of the buildings were condominiums or apartments, and 70.4% of the housing was used for renting.[2]

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