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Manchester Climate Fortnightly is a fortnightly digest of local, national and global climate news and campaign group activity based in Manchester, England. It aims to contribute to the fight against climate change by filling, what the editors describe, as a local media deficit on the issue.[citation needed] The newsletter aims to network local green groups, arm them with the latest climate change science, hold local influential forces to account and provide an accessible source of information for individuals who are curious about climate change campaigning in Manchester.


Manchester Climate Fortnightly was born of the project Manchester Climate Forum.[1] The first issue came out on June 23, 2008.


The newsletter is primarily distributed on-line, but is also available physically. One of the spin-offs of Manchester Climate Fortnightly has been the Only Planet book, a collection of articles and information on climate change, how it will affect Manchester and who is campaigning on it.


Each issue includes a list of local upcoming environmental events, a news digest for local, national and global news related to climate change, a summary of the latest 'scary science' on climate change, and at least one article investigating a current local issue. Many of the main articles have involved holding the City Council to account on their environmental promises, for example, Issue 3 appealed for the Council to release its delayed Climate Change Strategy.[2]


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