Manchester Network Access Point

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Manchester Internet Access Point
Abbreviation MaNAP
Founded 1997
Location  United Kingdom, Manchester
Members 74[1]

Manchester Network Access Point is the Manchester-based internet exchange point (IXP). The access point provides an exchange point for internet service providers and businesses in northern England and the Midlands and is the only access point outside London.

MaNAP is a membership-owned organisation, established in 1997 to enable internet companies in the North and Midlands to interconnect without the massive cost of running circuits to London and back.[2]

It is one of Europe’s most mature internet exchanges and allows Internet Service Providers, telecoms companies, carriers, content and web hosting providers to make financial savings by directly connecting to each other. The exchange currently has 74 members which include BT, Telewest Broadband, NTL Group and Kingston Communications.


In June 1997 Manchester Network Access Point Ltd (MaNAP) was formed as a not-for-profit regional Internet exchange. In April 2005, MaNAP was taken over by NWIX Group Ltd and the network was expanded to better serve the North West region. MaNAP remained on a not-for-profit basis.

Connection to the network totals over 2000 kilometres of fibre, and expansion has taken place, including a fixed telecoms line to the United States which surfaces at Southport.[3]

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