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Cruel Intentions 2
DVD cover
Directed by Roger Kumble
Produced by Neal H. Moritz
Written by Roger Kumble
Starring Robin Dunne
Sarah Thompson
Keri Lynn Pratt
Amy Adams
Music by Edward Shearmur
Stephen Endelman
Cinematography James R. Bagdonas
Edited by Bill Johnson
J. Benjamin Chulay
James Flynn
Distributed by Columbia Tristar Home Video
Release date
November 9, 2000 (2000-11-09)
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Cruel Intentions 2 (also known as Cruel Intentions 2: Manchester Prep or simply as Manchester Prep) is the 2000 American comedy-drama prequel to Cruel Intentions and was released direct-to-video. It was written and directed by Roger Kumble, who was also responsible for the first film. The film stars Robin Dunne, Sarah Thompson, Amy Adams, and Keri Lynn Pratt. Both films are based on Les Liaisons dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos.

Originally planned as a television series called Manchester Prep, a re-imagined prequel series to the first film, it was picked up by the FOX network, however, it was cancelled prior to broadcast in September 1999. Due to the cancellation, the three completed episodes were edited together into film re-titled Cruel Intentions 2, including sexual content scenes involving nudity were added for the DVD release. This is prequel movie, about how Sebastian and Kathryn met and how they started their reign of terror.[1][2]


The film opens with Sebastian Valmont (Robin Dunne) conversing with his soon-to-be ex-principal, the principal's insistence on having Sebastian's permanent record relayed to his new school and thereby hampering his chance for a new start at Manchester Prep. Sebastian was a bad boy and a troublemaker in this school. Mostly he usually got in trouble with his teachers and principal. Initially, his principal was considering not to send his permanent record to his new school, but then Sebastian pulled a cruel stunt on his wife and made him and his wife a laughing stock in the community, he decided to send Sebastian's permanent record to his new school. Following his arrival in New York, Sebastian discovers the wealth of his new family; meeting Kathryn Merteuil (Amy Adams) for the first time and bettering her with piano and vocabulary. This leads to a confrontation between Kathryn and Sebastian whereby she states that she has a comfortable lifestyle and that he "better not interfere".

Sebastian later begins school. While waiting to see his new headmaster, he encounters Danielle Sherman (Sarah Thompson), who is, unknown to him, Headmaster Sherman's daughter. Luckily Sebastian switched permanent records before it was sent to the headmaster's office and thus,he can start over with a clean slate. A school assembly follows, showing Kathryn delivering a speech to her classmates, but being persistently interrupted by uncontrollable hiccups coming from a student, who then begins to choke on the gum that she was chewing in a bid to stop her hiccups. She is saved by the quick action of Danielle who performs the Heimlich maneuver, allowing the student to expel the gum, which ends up flying into Kathryn's hair. A meeting of a secret society of student elites presided by Kathryn takes place, deciding upon the fate of the new students. This leads them to Cherie, the student with the hiccups, as well as the discovery that Cherie's family is wealthier than that of Kathryn; this, and the events of the assembly, cause Kathryn to seek a vendetta against Cherie.

Sebastian, coming from a more humble upbringing, wishes to befriend his house staff. Doing so angers Kathryn, whose day is interrupted by not being able to contact her driver. This (along with Kathryn's jealousy of Sebastian) causes her to admit that she is unhappy with her life. Sebastian attempts to woo Danielle: first, by asking her for coffee at her work; then, later, conversing with her over the telephone. Eventually, this evolves into a relationship, but Kathryn, seeing this, uses it as a way to get back at Sebastian. She first tries to tempt him away from Danielle by luring him with identical twins, who confide to Sebastian that Danielle is the only virgin at Manchester.

Kathryn's attempt to sabotage Cherie backfires, as Kathryn's mother tells her to become best friends with Cherie, in an attempt to encourage Cherie's mother to donate a large amount of money to the school. In the end, Sebastian stays with Danielle; he professes his love for her, only to find that she does not reciprocate. It turns that Danielle is actually working alongside Kathryn in a secret plan to dupe Sebastian. Defeated by Kathryn's manipulation, Sebastian states "if you can't beat them, join them", thus leading to a threesome with Danielle and Kathryn, followed by an alliance of the three to dominate and manipulate others. In the last scene, Cherie is seen riding her bike, which is run over by Sebastian's car. Sebastian offers to give her a ride, and has sex with her. Kathryn and Danielle are seen, in the front of the car, pleased with the results.



In the film credits, Edward Shearmur's music from Cruel Intentions and Stephen Endelman's music from Jawbreaker are listed as being used in the film.

Other songs used in Cruel Intentions 2 include:

  • Thin Lizard Dawn - Weed
  • Thin Lizard Dawn - "Under the Wing"
  • Jessica Theely - "In Good Time"
  • The Julie Band - "Bad Day"
  • Cupcake - "Blood Thirsty"
  • Treble Charger - "Left Feeling Odd"
  • Gearwhore - "Passion"
  • Jessica Sheely - "No Regrets"
  • Bernie Barlow - "I Wanna Know Where Nowhere Is"
  • Thin Lizard Dawn - "Turn Yourself In"
  • Michael Greenspan - "I Want You"
  • Lorna Vallings - "Taste"
  • Shelly O'Neil - "Best Friend"
  • Shelly Peiken - "Good to Me"
  • Shelly O'Neil - "Make It Happen"
  • The Julie Band - "Julie Goes Home Now"
  • Jessica Sheely - "Feel Something"
  • The Smithereens - "All Revved Up"
  • The Smithereens - "The Last Good Time"


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