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Manchester Sports is a radio programme broadcast on BBC Radio Manchester whenever a major sport event involving a local team takes place. They are branded as the largest sports programme in the North West. The most common of these programmes is broadcast on a Saturday afternoon during the football season, usually starting at 2 o'clock and finishing at 6 o'clock with a live commentary game of one of the 3 o'clock games.

Presenters, commentators and summarisers[edit]

Jimmy Wagg[edit]

Jimmy Wagg is the normal Saturday presenter for Manchester Sports[1] and is known for being a Manchester City fan. He commonly attends the commentary game but is also regularly in the Radio studio. He also presents the Sunday Morning Show. He has presented the show in its various guises since 1988. In September 2015 he reached a milestone of 1,000 shows as presenter of Manchester Sports.

Jack Dearden[edit]

Jack Dearden is the main commentator for the Bolton Wanderers game but if Bolton are not the main commentary game, he will give the listeners an up-to-date status of the game being played. Jack is also a presenter of Manchester Sports and usually presents the show when there is a midweek or Sunday game and also covers rugby league.[2] He also previously commentated for Oldham Athletic.

Ian Cheeseman[edit]

Ian Cheeseman is the main commentator for the Manchester City game but is often reporting from other local lower league games due to the fact Manchester City sometimes don't play at 3 o'clock on Saturday. He also presents Manchester Sports on days other than Saturday. He presents Blue Tuesday alongside Paul Lake.[3]

Alan Gowling[edit]

Alan Gowling is usually the summariser for the Bolton Wanderers game and is on the show to answer fans questions and comments before and after the game.

Simon Charlton[edit]

Simon Charlton also summarises Bolton Wanderers games.

Fred Eyre[edit]

Fred Eyre is a summariser for the Manchester City game and like Alan Gowling, is on the show to answer fans questions and comments before and after the game.

Nigel Gleghorn[edit]

Nigel Gleghorn is another summariser for Manchester City games and often alternates with Fred Eyre.

Paul Rowley[edit]

Paul Rowley is the main commentator and summariser for Wigan Athletic and gives regular updates on the game whenever Wigan is not the main commentary game.

Steve Wyeth[edit]

Steve Wyeth is the main commentator for Manchester United, but rarely appears on the Saturday show alongside the others due to Manchester United not playing very often at 3 o'clock on Saturday.

Arthur Albiston[edit]

Arthur Albiston is an occasional summariser for Manchester United, and therefore rarely appears on the show.

Local teams covered[edit]