Manchester United Championship Soccer

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Manchester United Championship Soccer
Manchester United Championship Soccer
Cover art featuring the Manchester United players. Main focus goes to Ryan Giggs and Eric Cantona.
Developer(s) Krisalis
Publisher(s) Ocean[1]
Composer(s) Matt Furniss[2]
Series Manchester United
Platform(s) Super NES
Genre(s) Traditional soccer simulation[1]
Mode(s) Single-player

Manchester United Championship Soccer is a 1995 soccer video game for the Super NES.


The game was released at the time when Manchester United was starting to dominate the English football scene. All the teams from the 1994–95 FA Premier League are represented. All-star teams and various European clubs that participated in the European competitions from the 1994/95 season are also included. During the gameplay the player can choose two type of views: top down and isometric view of the pitch.

The game was released in Germany under the title Lothar Matthäus Super Soccer.[3]


Top-down perspective.
Manchester United vs Chelsea
Isometric view.
Benfica vs Paris SG

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