Mancos River

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Mancos River[1]
Four Corners, Southwestern U.S.jpg
Mancos River, San Juan River confluence (Four Corners)
(Carrizo Mountains at southwest)
Basin features
Main source Confluence of West Mancos River and East Mancos River
37°21′30″N 108°15′12″W / 37.35833°N 108.25333°W / 37.35833; -108.25333
River mouth Confluence with San Juan
4,639 ft (1,414 m)
36°59′00″N 108°58′50″W / 36.98333°N 108.98056°W / 36.98333; -108.98056Coordinates: 36°59′00″N 108°58′50″W / 36.98333°N 108.98056°W / 36.98333; -108.98056
Progression San JuanColorado

The Mancos River, formerly also El Rio de San Lazaro, is an 85.4-mile-long (137.4 km)[2] northeast tributary of the San Juan River. It flows from the confluence of West Mancos River and East Mancos River near Mancos, Colorado and joins the San Juan near Four Corners Monument in New Mexico.[1]

The river was named after an incident during which a horse rider hurt his hand while crossing, the word Mancos being derived from Spanish meaning "one-armed".[3]

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