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Manda Rin (real name Amanda MacKinnon) is a Scottish singer, artist and songwriter. She is the singer with the band Bis,[1] and later fronted The Kitchen as well as releasing a solo album. She also co-hosted a radio show on BBC Scotland called "Air".[2]



In 1994 Manda Rin, along with brothers Steven Clark (Sci-fi Steven) and John Clark (John Disco) formed the band bis in Glasgow, Scotland. In March 1996, bis performed their single Kandy Pop on Top of the Pops twice, which charted at number 25 in the UK Single Chart. The lead single, Eurodisco, from their second album reached number 37. Bis toured extensively from 1996–2000, and achieved strong fan bases in Japan, US and Australia. The band split in 2003, but in 2005 formed a new band data Panik which lasted until the next year. Bis have played numerous shows since then.

Rin also fronted The Kitchen with Ryan from Alison Mosshart's first band, Discount, who released several singles and an album in 2003 on the influential Damaged Goods label.

She has also recorded with J Church, Meister and Hyperbubble including the 2013 EP Hyperbubble + Manda Rin. She released a solo album My DNA in 2009.


Rin was responsible for the artwork for all of Bis's releases. Her iconic, manga-inspired sleeves aided the success of the band, most notably in Japan, where the artwork was especially celebrated; she published a monthly comic-strip in the Japanese "Buzz" magazine.

More recently, Manda Rin has held an exhibition of her work under the title of "Cover Versions and Other Hits".

Personal life[edit]

Manda Rin married Stuart Memo in 2011 and has a cat called Akiko.


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