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Manda Scott

Manda Scott (born 1962[1]) is a former veterinary surgeon who is now a writer, under the name M C Scott. Born and educated in Glasgow, Scotland,[2] she trained at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine and now lives and works in Shropshire.[3] She made her name initially as a crime writer. Her first novel, Hen's Teeth, hailed by Fay Weldon as 'a new voice for a new world' was shortlisted for the 1997 Orange Prize, and No Good Deed was nominated for the 2003 Edgar Award.[4]

Her subsequent novels, Night Mares, Stronger than Death and No Good Deed, for which she was hailed as 'one of Britain's most important crime writers' by The Times, were published by Headline and are now published, along with her other books, by Transworld Publishers, an imprint of Random House. She writes both historical and contemporary thrillers. "The Boudica series" are her first historical novels.

Her more recent Rome series (written under the name MC Scott), beginning with The Emperor's Spy, are spy thrillers, set in the same fictional universe with some of the surviving characters from the Boudica series.

Between the two major historical series, she wrote The Crystal Skull, a dual timeline novel with a historical thread set in the Tudor era and a contemporary thriller set in modern-day Cambridge.

Her latest novel is a fast-paced, dual timeline thriller, Into the Fire, which explores the truth behind the myth of Jeanne d'Arc – and the impact those revelations could have on modern day (2014) France.

Chairs: In 2010, she founded the Historical Writers' Association, of which she is currently Chair. She co-organises the Thames Valley History Festival and the Harrogate History Festival. She is Chair of the Prize committee of the HWA Debut Crown and in 2014, organised the first meeting of the Historical Publishing Group.

Manda Scott offers shamanic dreaming workshops. She first began learning shamanic practice in the 1980s.[5]


Kellen Stewart[edit]

  • Hen's Teeth (1997)
  • Night Mares (1998)
  • Stronger Than Death (1999)

The Boudica Series[edit]

  • Dreaming the Eagle (2003)
  • Dreaming the Bull (2004)[6]
  • Dreaming the Hound (2005)
  • Dreaming the Serpent Spear (2006)[7]


  • The Emperor's Spy (2010)
  • The Coming Of The King (June 2011)[8]
  • The Eagle Of The Twelfth (May 2012)
  • The Art of War (March 2013)

Stand-alone novels[edit]


  • [2012:Everything You Need to Know about the Apocalypse]

Appearance in anthologies[edit]

  • New English Library Book of Internet Stories (2000)
  • Scottish Girls About Town: And Sixteen Other Scottish Women Authors (2003)
  • Little Black Dress: An Anthology of Short Stories edited by Susie Maguire