Manda Upazila

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Manda is located in Bangladesh
Location in Bangladesh
Coordinates: 24°46.5′N 88°40.2′E / 24.7750°N 88.6700°E / 24.7750; 88.6700Coordinates: 24°46.5′N 88°40.2′E / 24.7750°N 88.6700°E / 24.7750; 88.6700
Country  Bangladesh
Division Rajshahi Division
District Naogaon District
 • Total 375.94 km2 (145.15 sq mi)
Population (1991)
 • Total 330,995
 • Density 880/km2 (2,300/sq mi)
Time zone BST (UTC+6)
Website Official Map of Manda

Manda (Bengali: মান্দা) is an Upazila of Naogaon District in the Division of Rajshahi, Bangladesh.


  • During the War of Liberation in 1971 the Pak army killed 128 innocent persons at village Pakuria of Bharsho Union and buried them in 3-4 ditches.
  • During the War of Liberation in 1971 the Pak army killed 17 innocent persons and burned a whole village Monhorpur (Manoharpur) of Paranpur Union and buried them in a mass grave.


Manda is located at 24°46′30″N 88°40′10″E / 24.7750°N 88.6694°E / 24.7750; 88.6694. It has 58493 households and total area 375.94 km². Major rivers are the Atrai and Shiba.[1]


As of the 1991 Bangladesh census, Manda has a population of 330,995. Males constitute 50.56% of the population, and females 49.44%, with a total adult population of 157,744. Manda has an average literacy rate of 24.3% (7+ years), compared to the national average of 32.4% literate.[2]

Points of interest[edit]

Kushumba Mosque[edit]


On the west bank of Atrai river, under the Manda upazila of Naogaon district, the mosque named Kusumba is situated.


Kusumba Mosque is named after the village Kusumba.[3] It was built during the period of Afgan rule in Bangladesh by a high-ranking official named Sulaiman. It was built under one of the last Suri rulers. His name was Ghiyasuddin Bahadur Shah.Although the mosque was built under the suri rule, the architectural pattern was not influenced by the earlier Suri architecture of North India. It was constructed with a Bengal style. At the eastern central entrance, inscription mentioned the time period of construction of the mosque to 966 AH (1558-59 AD).

Current Condition

The mosque was badly damaged during the earthquake in 1987. Kushumba mosque is also known as Kala Pahar, Kala Rotno which means Black Pearl. Possible reason: During the massive earthquake of 1897 the mosque was damaged severely, but stood firmly. Another reason can be for such name is the black plaster of stones at the outer wall. Now the mosque is protected by the Department of Archaeology of Bangladesh. The mosque is an attraction that is marveled at and studied, due its wonderful architectural style and elaborate decorations.


The mosque lies inside a walled enclosure with a monumental gateway with standing spaces for guards. The inscription tablet is totally in Arabic, except the part "built by" is in Persian.Walking up to the mosque, visitors will be greeted by a massive gateway, which is the only entrance to the mosque that is protected by a surrounding wall. One can almost imagine the guards outside, still protecting this breathtaking building. The foundation and most of the building was constructed from bricks, although the outer walls, some interior walls, side screens and columns are of stone. Bunches of grapes and vines curve in an almost serpentine manner on the mihrab frames, and kalasas, tendrils, and rosettes are reduced to dots. The platform edge has grape vine decoration, and there are rosettes on the spandrels of the arches supporting the platform, as well as on the mihrab wall. The central Mihrab is designed in the west. Opposite the central and southeastern entrances, the interior west wall has two mihrabs. There is division in the two mihrabs and they had different platforms. That is because the time of construction the general public was separated from officials and nobility during the prayers.


Manda has 15 Unions/Wards, 299 Mauzas/Mahallas, and 286 villages.

Unions are:

  1. Bharso
  2. Bhalain
  3. Paranpur
  4. Manda
  5. Ganeshpur
  6. Mainam
  7. Prasadpur
  8. Kushumba
  9. Nurullabad
  10. Kalikapur
  11. Tentulia
  12. Kanshopara
  13. Kashab
  14. Bishnopur
  15. borobelal dah (alamgir hosen)


  • Kaderdanga Govt. Primary school
  • Ayapur Govt. Primary School
  • Andariyapara Govt. Primary school
  • Alalpur Haji Sheikh Alam High School
  • Alubazar Primary School
  • Baidiapur High School
  • Bolshing Chakbabon Dakhil Madrasha
  • Balubazar S.M. High School
  • Bangal Para Govt. Primary School
  • Banishar Dakhil Madrasha
  • Bilkorilla B.M. High School
  • Chakkamdeb Technical and BM college
  • Chakuli Bahumokhi Madhumik Biddaloy
  • Chakuli Degree College
  • Chakuli High School
  • Chakuli Koumi Madrasha
  • Chakuli Priamary School
  • Chalkharinarayan Dhakhil Madrsha
  • Daspara Degree College
  • Daspara High School
  • Deul Durgapur Al Arabia Dakhil Madrasha
  • Ekrukhi High School
  • Engr: Showkatara Apple school and college
  • Gobindapur Govt. Primary School
  • Gobindapur High School
  • Kulihar Govt.Primary School
  • Gonggrampur Govt.Primary School
  • Zafrabad Adorso Dakhil Madrasha
  • Kanso Para Uccho Biddaloy
  • Singihat K.D School
  • Got Gari Shaheed Mamun High School and College
  • Jafrabad Adorsho Dakhil Madrasha
  • Jotbazer Gril School and College
  • Kaligram Dodangi High School
  • Kalikapur Govt. Primary School
  • Kalikapur Chak Kalikapur High School
  • Kashab Mdhoepara Govt. Primary School
  • Koya Para Kamar Kuri High School, Proshadpur Bazar
  • Kukrail Abtadai Madrasha
  • Manda Momin Sahana University College
  • Manda Pilot High School & College
  • Nurullabad M/L High School
  • Nurullabad Nikhirapara Government Primary School
  • Nurullabad Primary School
  • Pakuria High School
  • Palashbari Government Primary School
  • Panial Adarsha College
  • Par Enayetpur Government Primary School
  • Parsimla Primary School
  • Prashadpur Girls High School
  • P.K.A. High School
  • Rangamatia Reg. Primary School
  • Satihat K.T. High School
  • Shafiuddin Mollha College, Balubazar
  • Shahapur D.A. High School
  • Shreerampur Govt. Primary School
  • Shreerampur Govt. Primary School, Satihat
  • Tentulia D.B. High School
  • Tentulia Govt. Primary School
  • Turuk Baria Govt. Primary School
  • Turuk Baria High School
  • borobelaldaho fazil madrasha (alamgir hosen)
  • South Mainam High School & College
  • Ramnagar Government primary & high school
  • Ramnagar Dhakil madrasa
  • Bathoil Gopal Pramanik High School
  • Bathoil G.Vt Primary School

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