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The ""Mudhad"" or ""Madhad"" or Madadh are warrior tribe of Suryavanshi Rajputs, still can be found in karnal, panipat, jind, kurukshetra, gurgaon, kaithal, Haryana and Punjab. Some famous villages of Madadh Rajputs in Haryana are Rajound, Salwan, Ghauranda, Batta, Kalayat, Rahara, Singhana (Sarpdaman) MUANA etc. A few Mudhad are also found in Saharanpur District in Uttar Pradesh.[1]

In District Gujrat, tehsil Kharian Village Named Madhad, Madadh are considered (Raghav) and generally used surname RANA.


According to their traditions, Madadh came from Ayodhya and settled in Jind, driving out the Chandel and Varya Rajputs, and overpowering the Jats. Madadh ruled a large regions. This region is known as Madadh 360 as there were 360 villages of Madadh Rajputs. They are one of the most ancient and brave clan of Suryavanshi Rajputs. Madadh then spread to Patiala, and were the effective rulers of the region between Jind and Patiala. The Suryavanshi Madhad(Madadh or Mudadh) then came to the attention of Firuz Shah Tughlaq, the Sultan of Delhi. Madadh fought very bravely but due to very less in numbers they lost war. In this war madadh lost their many villages. Today there are only about 60 villages of Madadh Rajputs out of 360 villages. They are an important element of the rana community of Haryana. The Madhad(Madadh) claim to be Suryavanshi Rajputs, and claim descent from Lav, son of the Ram, and claim a common origin with the Raghav or Bargujar and Gahlot Rajput. Madadh were settled mainly in the valley of Yamuna, mainly in and around Kaithal.[2]


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