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For the town in Tripura, India, see Mandwi.
Name transcription(s)
 • Chinese 万礼
 • Pinyin Wànlǐ
 • Malay Mandai
Country  Singapore
The Singapore Zoo, which is located in Mandai

Mandai is an urban planning area located in the North Region of Singapore. Mandai Road passes through the area, linking Woodlands Road to Upper Thomson Road. The area is generally less developed compared to the other parts of the island.

The Singapore Zoo and Night Safari are located in the vicinity and are accessible by Mandai Road, hence the common reference to the parks as "Mandai Zoo" collectively. Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium, the largest crematorium and columbarium in Singapore, is also located in Mandai area.

In 2012 a new river-themed park, River Safari, opened beside the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.[1]

Etymology and history[edit]

Mandai Road was cut in 1855. The name Mandai appears in the Franklin and Jackson Plan of Singapore (1828) as a river indicated as "R. Mandi". The name is said to come from a tree called the "Mandai tree".

Military training[edit]

Parts of Mandai are commonly used as military training areas as there is undeveloped land there. The following locations are used as training areas: Kwok Min, Asrama/Ulu Sembawang, Mandai Bumbong, Gali Batu and Mandai Central. Mandai Camp and Mandai West Camp are in Gali Batu, while Mandai Hill Camp and a live firing range are in Kwok Min.


Apart from Mandai Road, the Mass Rapid Transit system's Mandai Depot, which is used for the Thomson Line, is located in Mandai.


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Coordinates: 1°25′36″N 103°49′07″E / 1.42657°N 103.81853°E / 1.42657; 103.81853