Mandalar Thiri Stadium

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Mandalar Thiri Stadium
မန္တလာသီရိ အားကစားကွင်း
Sea Games Stadium
Mandalar Thiri Sport Ground (Mandalay).jpg
LocationMandalay, Myanmar
Coordinates21°56′36.8″N 96°5′55.5″E / 21.943556°N 96.098750°E / 21.943556; 96.098750Coordinates: 21°56′36.8″N 96°5′55.5″E / 21.943556°N 96.098750°E / 21.943556; 96.098750
Public transitCycle carry, Bus Station
OwnerMinistry of Health and Sports
OperatorYadanarbon FC
Field size
  • Football field and Building area:491,824.59 ft² ( 45,692 m² ) each
  • Parking area:403,646.64 ft² (37500 m²) each[1]
Myanmar women's national football team Yadanarbon FC
Myanmar national football team

Mandalar Thiri Stadium (Burmese: မန္တလာသီရိ အားကစားကွင်း) is a multi-use stadium, located in Mandalay, Myanmar. It located east of the Mingalar Mandalay. Its address is between 68th and 73rd, between NguShwewar rd and Thazin rd, beside of the Mandalay Football Academy. The stadium hosted the women's football tournament in the 2013 Southeast Asian Games[2] and is also the home of Yadanarbon F.C.. It has become one of the landmarks of Mandalay, Myanmar.

Mandalarthiri Stadium.JPG

Mandalar Thiri Indoor Stadium[edit]

The Mandalar Thiri Stadium complex is also home of an indoor stadium where many local and international Lethwei events are hosted.[3] The World Lethwei Championship hosted many events at this venue.[4]


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