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The Mandanr Mandar or Mandan is a Pashtun tribe, the children of Mand who was one of the sons of Umer (brother of Yousaf), making it a sub tribe of Yousafzai. Mandar had four sons.1- Mano, 2-Razar, 3-Khizar and 4-Mehmood.

The people of this tribe live mostly in the mardan district and Swabi district, with a considerable population in the Buner and Charsadda districts and Saidu Sharif and Mingaora in Swat. The Mandanrs were a warior tribe who revolted throughout the Mughals tenure in Afghanistan and India and are famous for leading the Pashtuns rebellions during this time.[citation needed]


Chamla has been historically the locale of the Mandanr tribe. Mandanr are the largest group in the Swabi, Buner, and Mardan Districts, with large numbers almost entirely the Manezais living in Saidu Sharif and Mingaora cities of Swat district .[1] Buner District is to the north, Swabi District to the south, and Mardan District is to the west. The population is distributed as follows:

  • Swabi: 1.6 million
  • Mardan : 1.5 million
  • Buner : 0.2 million
  • Swat : 0.1 million
  • Karachi: 0.3 million
  • Other cities (international): 0.3 million
  • Total: 3.6 million

The Mandanr are organized into subdivisions. Mardan is inhabited largely by two sub-tribes of the Mandanr, the Kamalzai and Amazai. Kamalzais are further divided into two main branches: Masharanzai, near the towns of Toru and Kashranzai, and chiefly in the town of Mardan and Manezai in Swat.Some of the Khels(Branches of Kasharanzai) include Skander Khel, Degan Khel, Sadi Khel, BaraKhan Khel, Bahdar Khel, Mahmood Khel, Bhai Khel (also called Bay Khel) Mohammad Khel, Sheri Khel and Rustam Khel. Amazais are divided into two main branches, the Doulatzai and Ismialzai.[citation needed]

Traditional sport[edit]

In the past, archery was used in warfare, but with the advent of modern warfare, archery has been relegated to the game of ‘Mukha’. The slingshot, called ‘Leenda’ in the local dialect, is also used in Mukha, and is made from the horns of the ‘Markhor’ – a wild goat found in the forests and forested mountains. The horn of a single ‘Markhor’ is enough to make just one slingshot.[citation needed]

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