Mandara Mountains

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The Mandara Mountains looking north-east from Jimeta/Yola.
Kapsiki Peak near Rhumsiki is one of the most photographed parts of the Mandara.

The Mandara Mountains (Monts Mandara) are a volcanic range extending about 200km (about 125 mi) along the northern part of the Cameroon-Nigeria border, from the Benue River in the south (9°18′N 12°48′E / 9.3°N 12.8°E / 9.3; 12.8) to the north-west of Maroua in the north (11°00′N 13°54′E / 11.0°N 13.9°E / 11.0; 13.9). The highest elevation is 1,494 m (4,900 ft), the summit of Mount Oupay (10°53′N 13°47′E / 10.883°N 13.783°E / 10.883; 13.783)[citation needed].

The region is densely populated, mainly by speakers of Chadic languages. The Mofu ethnic group lives in the Mandara Mountains.

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