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Public (TYO: 2652)
HeadquartersTokyo, Japan
Key people
Masuzo Furukawa, President
RevenueIncrease¥5,454 million JPY (FY 2005)
Increase¥59 million JPY (FY 2005)
Number of employees

Mandarake (まんだらけ) is one of Tokyo's largest vendors of used anime and manga-related products. The store stocks collectibles, VHS tapes, DVDs, CDs, used manga, toys, and large numbers of fan-drawn dōjinshi, particularly those catering to a female audience.


Mandarake has several locations: its home in Nakano, another large store in Shibuya, a two-floor and a four-floor store in downtown Osaka, and a giant 4-story shop in Fukuoka. At one time before 2003, the company had a shop in Torrance, California, United States. The Torrance store closed and a short-lived store opened in Santa Monica, California.


The shopping mall Nakano Broadway while previously and currently containing many specialty shops, is also the home of Mandarake, and at the current count, it contains about 12 specialised Mandarake stores. Many of these stores existed privately and were bought out by Mandarake. Each deals in a particular aspect of otaku culture, such as model cars, idol goods, anime song CDs, video games, cosplay items and 3 very comprehensive used manga stores, where the comics are sorted by size and publisher. Some other privately owned manga and anime related stores have opened in this location, though many existed long before Mandarake. Many other types of specialty shops exist along side Madarake, including old cafes from the Showa era. There’s also a maid café.


This single, yet large, store sits in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya district, located two floors below the ground. The store is relatively close to Tokyu Hands, and lines a street with a number of other vendors. It has a small stage for karaoke performances of popular anime theme songs.


Just past the highway overpass near Tokyu Hands and the Sunshine 60 building, the Ikebukuro store specialises in yaoi (boys' love) manga and doujinshi.


Located in an eight-storey building, only sells used goods.

Interior of the fifth floor of Mandarake in Akibahara


Mandarake Store Sign

There are two Mandarake stores in Osaka. One is located in Osaka's Umeda district, in the Hankyu Higashi-dori Shopping Centre.

One has to ascend one floor on a winding stair casebefore getting the bottom floor of the Osaka store, where the manga and art books are located. In the back, another flight of stairs in the back leads up to the second floor where the dōjinshi, toys and games are housed. The Osaka store also hosts an imposing karaoke stage on the second level, where employees and adventurous shoppers can try their luck with the latest anime and j-pop songs. Next to the stage is an area to buy or order cosplay costumes, and the employees all wear an incredible array of cosplay finery.

The other used to be located in the Nihonbashi district, but this store closed on 3 March 2008. A new and larger outlet, Mandarake Grand Chaos, has been opened in the Amerika-Mura district.


This enormous store is located in the popular Tenjin district near the city's main Post Office. This store has cels and storyboards as well as a tremendous selection of fan-based comics, or doujinshi.

Online store[edit]

Mandarake operates an online store[1] with an interface in Japanese and English. The online store ships outside Japan as well.

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