Mandarin's Minions

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Mandarin's Minions are a group of villains led by and brought together by the Mandarin. The exploits of this super-villain group can be read in The Avengers Annual #1.

Fictional history[edit]

The Mandarin warps some parts needed by the Living Laser to help him create new wrist mounted lasers. He uses these lasers to break himself out of jail. Once he gets out into the open, the Mandarin warps him to his hideout, which happens to be a space station located in Earth orbit. He gets there to find that the Mandarin has put together Mandarin's Minions to help take over the world. The Mandarin divides the villains up to 3 major continents around the world and has them demand to be put in charge. The Avengers stifle any hopes of this happening. After his subordinates are defeated he is visited by the whole Avenger group (current/previous members). The group consisted of: Captain America, Goliath, Hawkeye, Hercules, Iron Man, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Thor and Wasp. They defeated the Mandarin and he was blown out through a hole in his space station and floated away. They did not consider him dead because he has the ability to use his rings to "warp" to another dimension.


Mandarin's Minions consisted of the following members:

In other media[edit]