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Mandau (Zittau).jpg
The Mandau near Zittau
CountryCzech Republic, Germany
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location
Lusatian Neisse
 ⁃ coordinates
50°53′25″N 14°49′32″E / 50.8902°N 14.8256°E / 50.8902; 14.8256Coordinates: 50°53′25″N 14°49′32″E / 50.8902°N 14.8256°E / 50.8902; 14.8256
Length40.9 km (25.4 mi)
Basin features
ProgressionLusatian NeisseOderBaltic Sea

The Mandau (Czech: Mandava) is a 40.9 km-long (25.4 mi) river in Bohemia (Czech Republic) and Saxony (Germany). It is a left tributary of the Lusatian Neisse, which it joins near Zittau.

It originates from multiple springs north of the 580.6m (1902 feet AMSL) Wolf Mountain (Czech: Vlčí hora, German: Wolfsberg) in the Šluknov Hook, which join in Panský (German: Herrnwalde) at 1690 feet above sea level. Coming from Zahrady (German: Gärten) another stream joins in Nové Křečany (Neu Ehrenberg). From there the Mandau flows in a southeasterly direction through Rumburk (Rumburg; Bohemia), Seifhennersdorf (Saxony, Upper Lusatia) and Varnsdorf (Warnsdorf; Bohemia). Afterwards it flows eastwards through another part of Upper Lusatia in which the Lausur joins in Großschönau, from Hainewalde through the Roschertal [de] to Mittelherwigsdorf, where the Landwasser joins, and finally it reaches Zittau where it flows east of the town 228 meters above sea level into the Lusatian Neisse.

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