Mandher Devi temple stampede

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The Mandher Devi temple stampede occurred on 25 January 2005 at Mandher Devi temple near Wai in Satara district in Indian state of Maharashtra. The stampede broke out as 300,000 people converged on the Mandher Devi temple to undertake the annual pilgrimage on the full moon day in January and for participation in a 24-hour-long festival that includes ritual animal sacrifices to the goddess.

Witnesses said the rush started around midday after some pilgrims slipped on the temple's steep stone steps, which were wet with coconut water spilled from fruit presented as offerings to the goddess Kalubai. A fire then broke out in shops nearby and gas cylinders exploded. Scores were crushed to death on the steep and narrow hill path leading to the temple and many others were charred. 291 pilgrims died in the stampede.[1][2]


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