Mandhira Punnagai (1986 film)

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Mandhira Punnagai
Mandhira Punnagai 1986.jpg
Directed byV. Tamizhalagan
Produced byG. Thyagarajan
Screenplay byP. L. Sunderrajan,
V. Thamilazhagan
Story bySathya Movies story unit
Baby Sujitha
Music byIlaiyaraaja[1]
CinematographyRamachandra Babu
Edited byK. R. Krishnan
Sathya Movies
Release date
11 December 1986 [2]

Mandhira Punnagai (lit. 'Mystic Smile') is a 1986 Tamil-language film produced by Sathya Movies and directed by V. Thamizhalagan. The film casts Sathyaraj in a dual role – one as a Doctor and the other as a Police Inspector. The film, with moderate reviews from the critics, was successful at the box office.[3]


The film has an intuitive story line with Sathyaraj enacting a dual role for the first time in his career. The Doctor Sathyaraj appeared with a moustache, while the Police Office Sathyaraj appeared without a moustache. Nadhiya also played a dual role in this movie, one is a young college girl Geetha and another is Daniel Miranda's (Raghuvaran) wife Sheela.


Dr. Baskar is heart specialist and single parent to his daughter, Baby Sujitha. Zamindar Srinivasan, getting old and written a will that, all of his property should goes to Geetha and her future husband. In the event, of Geetha dies, the property should goes to his nephew Ranjith. Hence Ranjith start plotting to kill Geetha to inherit Zamindar property. Geetha and Mohan are lovers. Geetha soon realize that someone in her house, is poisoning in her drink to attempt to kill her, but doesn't know who. She fakes her health as heart pain and gets admitted in the hospital. Dr. Baskar realizes that she is faking her health condition. Geetha reveals the murder attempt on her. Dr. Baskar promises to help her, however, Dr. Baskar, soon realize his own heart is having serious issues and waiting for his days (to die) and having financial difficulties that he borrowed from money lender. He, admitted Baby Sujitha into Christian missionary hostel.

Ranjith knowing Dr. Baskar's condition offers 10 lakhs and help him to murder Geetha. Reluctant Dr. Baskar kidnaps Geetha to kill Geetha. However, the kidnap blame, falls on Daniel Miranda, an infamous terrorist. D.S.P Arunachalam, with assistance of James Bond 007 (Senthil), take in charge of the kidnap case. Daniel Miranda finds out that her (deceased) wife, Sheela was having same look as Geetha. Daniel Miranda plots to kidnap Geetha at any cost.

Dr. Baskar, reveals to Geetha that he is cheating with Ranjith so that he can save Geetha from Ranjith. He arranges a meeting with Ranjith. Geetha and Dr. Baskar, double-crossed Ranjith. In the midst of fighting, Daniel Miranda henchmen (Bob Christo) kills Ranjith and kidnaps both Dr. Baskar and Geetha. Daniel Miranda, reveals his intention to marries Geetha since, she is having same resemblance of his deceased wife, Sheela, which leaves, Geetha in shock. D.S.P Arunachalam, soon manage to get find whereabouts of Daniel Miranda, but couldn't find him. Daniel Miranda kidnaps Dr. Baskar daughter from the Christian Missionary hostel.

To save, Sujitha and Dr. Baskar, Geetha, reluctantly, marries Daniel Miranda. James Bond, manage to find Daniel Miranda hiding place and informs to D.S.P Arunachalam. D.S.P Arunachalam, with police team ambushes Daniel Miranda, during Daniel Miranda and Geetha first night. Dr. Baskar manage to save Geetha. However, Daniel Miranda kills Dr. Baskar, and D.S.P Arunachalam kills Daniel Miranda. In the end, Mohan and Geetha adopts Baby Sujitha and D.S.P Arunachalam poses Dr. Baskar's brother.


  • Sathyaraj as Dr. Baskar and alcoholic heart specialist and father to Sujitha also as a D. S. P. Arunachalam
  • Nadhiya as Geetha grand-daughter of Zamindar Srinivasan and as Sheela wife of Daniel Miranda.
  • Sujitha as Sujitha, young daughter of Dr. Baskar.
  • Suresh as Mohan, lover of Geetha.
  • Raghuvaran as Daniel Miranda (terrorist)
  • Senthil as Jefferkhanpet Jamesbond 007, provides comic-relief, a private detective assistant to D.S.P Arunachalam
  • Thengai Srinivasan as Zamindar Srinivasan (Geetha's Grandpa)
  • Jai Jagadish as Ranjith (Geetha's Cousin)
  • Bob Christo as Daniel Miranda's henchman


  • Director = V. Tamizhalagan
  • Producer = G. Thyagarajan
  • Screen Play = P. L. Suderrajan
  • Editor = K. R. Krishnan
  • Dialog = A. L. Narayanan
  • Story = Sathya movies Department
  • Banner = Sathya Movies
  • lyrics = Ilaiyaraaja and Na. Kamarajan
  • Choreography = Sundaram
  • Stunt = Super Subbarayan


No. Song Singers Lyrics Length (m:ss)
1 "Manthira Punnagaiyo" S. Janaki 4:37
2 "Pavala Malligai" Malaysia Vasudevan, K. S. Chitra 4:35
3 "Kaali Perungaaya Dappa" Ilaiyaraaja 4:18
4 "Naan Kathalil Oru" Jayachandran 4:32


The film received mostly mixed reviews from the critics, but due to its promotion and intuitive story line, managed to become successful at the box office. Behindwoods reported that this film gave Sathyaraj a strong foothold as a solo hero in Tamil industry. Earlier, he was doing supportive and villain roles, but with this film, he established himself as a solo hero and at the same time, continued to shine in villain roles too. Raghuvaran's powerful performance as the villain Daniel Miranda helped the film a lot.


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