Mandolins in the Moonlight

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"Mandolins in the Moonlight" is a popular song, written by George David Weiss and Aaron Schroeder.

It was recorded by Perry Como on September 16, 1958 and released by RCA Victor Records as a 45rpm single, catalog numbers 47-7353 (mono) and 61-7353 (stereo). It reached #47 on the Billboard magazine charts.

The United Kingdom RCA label released the recording as a 78rpm single, catalog number 1086. This recording charted in the UK at #13, in Germany at #13, in Belgium at #2, and in Italy at #4.

In Japan, the recording was released as a stereo 45rpm single by RCA as catalog number SX-1002.

In France, it was released by RCA as catalog number 45-326.

The flip side on the US, UK, and Japanese releases was "Love Makes the World Go 'Round," but on the French release, it was "Glendora."