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Hakim Hamadouche playing a 10 string mandolute in Marseilles

A Mandolute is a North African instrument derived from the more traditional Oud. It is a fretted string instrument unlike the oud, sometimes called a mandoluth (French) or mondol (Morocco, Algeria). It is slightly bigger than the mandola. It combines a traditional oud string format with five courses (pairs) of metal strings, resulting in an instrument similar to a mandocello or flat-backed liuto cantabile.

Weymann Mandolute[edit]

A Weymann mandolute from the 1920s or 1930s.

The term mandolute was used as a brand name for an instrument made by the North American (U.S.) manufacturer Weymann during the early 20th century. These 'mandolutes' have 8 strings and are tuned exactly like a traditional mandolin. The scale length is also within the standard mandolin scale; between 13 inches (330 mm) and 13-7/8 inches (352mm).

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