Mandora Station

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Mandora Station is located in Western Australia
Mandora Station
Mandora Station
Location in Western Australia

Mandora Station is a cattle station on the Western Australia coast south of Broome, located in the Shire of Broome. In earlier years it has also been a sheep station [1]

It maintains a weather station and is noted for the Mandora Marsh wetland, and for its proximity to Eighty Mile Beach, which are key stopping places for migratory birds.

Mandora crater on Mars is named after the locality, the Mandurah suburb of Madora Bay was also derived from the station as well.


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Coordinates: 19°44′31.66″S 120°50′37.95″E / 19.7421278°S 120.8438750°E / -19.7421278; 120.8438750