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Korean name
Hangul 만두과
Hanja 饅頭菓
Revised Romanization mandu-gwa
McCune–Reischauer mandu-kwa
IPA [man.du.ɡwa]

Mandu-gwa (만두과; 饅頭菓) is a is a Korean sweet dumpling filled with sweetened ingredients and coated with jocheong (rice syrup).. It is a type of yumil-gwa, a deep-fried hangwa (Korean confection) made with wheat flour.[1] Mandu means "dumplings" and gwa means "confection". Mandu-gwa is typically eaten as a dessert or bamcham (late-night snack).[2]


The dough is prepared by sifting wheat flour and kneading it with sesame oil, honey, ginger juice and clear, refined rice wine known as cheongju.[3] The filling is usually made by mixing steamed, deseeded and minced jujube, cinnamon powder and honey.[3] Only a small amount of filling is put on a flattened piece of dough. The covering should be thick, to prevent the confectionery from bursting out after it is deep-fried.[2] After frying the dough, the dumpling is marinated in jocheong (rice syrup).[2]

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