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Coordinates: 32°31′38″S 115°44′48″E / 32.527148°S 115.746621°E / -32.527148; 115.746621

Mandurah Station.JPG
Location Galgoyl Road, Allnutt Street, Fremantle Road
Greenfields, Mandurah
Operated by Transperth Trains
Distance 70.1 km (43.6 mi) from Perth
Platforms 2 (2 sided)
Bus routes 14
Bus stands 10
Structure type Closed Station
Other information
Station code RMH
Fare zone 7

Mandurah Station is a railway station located in the city of Mandurah, Western Australia, which replaced Mandurah Bus Station, which previously existed on the same site. The station is one terminus of the interurban Mandurah line, which runs to the neighbouring city of Perth; the train services on this line replace the bus services that previously ran between Mandurah Bus Station and Perth. The then Premier of Western Australia, the Honourable Alan Carpenter, officially opened the station and the Mandurah line in an official ceremony within the station precinct on 23 December 2007.


Mandurah station has the following platform configuration:

Stop no. Platform Line Stopping pattern Destination Notes
[3090] Mandurah station platforms
99731 Transperth platform 1W.svg Mandurah All stations, C Perth underground When 3 carriage trains are arriving/departing at this platform it only stops halfway so it's next to the exit.
99732 Transperth platform 2W.svg Mandurah All stations, C Perth underground

Trains alternate between platforms 1 and 2 for both arrivals and departures. Terminating trains pull into the station as departing trains start to leave.

Bus routes[edit]

The bus services (except for 583, 584, 586 and 590) from Mandurah station commenced on the same day as the regular services on the Mandurah Line, 24 December 2007, the Monday after the station and line were opened. 590 was introduced in January 2008[1] (and withdrawn in December 2011[2]) while 586 was added on April 2010.[3] There is also a free direct shuttle service operating every 20 minutes between the station and the city centre (in contrast to the 588, 589 and 590 which deviate via Centro Mandurah).

A significant change in bus routes occurred on 18 December 2011, which saw the 590 service withdrawn and two new bus routes 583 and 584 replacing the original 588 and 589 services. The two replaced services were rerouted to operate on a loop serving the Mandurah foreshore and Centro Mandurah shopping centre.[4] Bus routes in Halls Head, Erksine, Falcon, Wannanup and Dawesville and also changed on 2 March 2014 when route 593 was introduced and route 592 was shortened, terminating in Wannanup.[5]

Route Number Destination / Description
[17383] Stand A1
    558 to Rockingham station via Mandurah Road, Warnbro Sound Avenue and Warnbro Train Station
[17382] Stand A2
    588 Mandurah Foreshore Circular via Pinjarra Road, Mandurah Terrace and Peel Street (clockwise)
    589 Mandurah Foreshore Circular via Peel Street, Mandurah Terrace and Pinjarra Road (anti-clockwise)
[17381] Stand A3
    583 to Silver Sands via Mandurah Foreshore
    584 to Madora Bay via Mandurah Foreshore
[17380] Stand A4
    586 to John Tonkin College (PET Campus) via Bortolo Drive
    587 to Lakelands via Meadow Springs
[17379] Stand A5
    909 Rail Replacement Service to Perth
[17374] Stand B1 - Set down only
[17375] Stand B2
    591 to Erskine via Halls Head
[17376] Stand B3
    592 to Wannanup via Peelwood Parade
[17377] Stand B4
    593 to Dawesville West via Old Coast Road
    594 to Dawesville East (with school days only extensions to Bouvard) via Old Coast Road
[17378] Stand B5
    597 to Coodanup
    598 to Greenfields (with extension to Furnissdale)
    600 to Pinjarra via Pinjarra Road
    604 to South Yunderup via Pinjarra Road and North Yunderup
    School Specials


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