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Manfred Gustav Raupp (born 13 November 1941 Staffort, a suburb of Stutensee) is a German agricultural scientist and economist. He is honorary professor of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague active in the Department of Agricultural Research and International Management. He is a member of the management team of the EU research project Biofector as a specialist in agricultural- and biological-informatics, responsible for training and information.[1][2][3]

Life and work[edit]

After studying agricultural technology, agricultural science, sociology, economics and marketing at the Engineering College in Nuertingen, the University of Hohenheim and at INSEAD he worked in Market Theory in Hohenheim and Bad Duerkheim. Having obtained diplomas in engineering (FH) and agriculture he obtained a doctorate (Dr. oec) in 1973 in Hohenheim.

From 1974 to 1999 he was a senior manager in the Swiss concern Ciba-Geigy, responsible for seed products, and by Novartis, where he was responsible for the agrochemical business in Central and East Europe, as well as for Central Asia. Since 1999 he has an independent business in agricultural research and research and consulting.

Manfred Raupp is a registered EU advisor for the EU Commission in agro-research matters, in particular Bio-Effectors, and performs teaching duties at the Universities of Prague-Suchdol, Chester, Erdine and Timişoara. He carries out research and teaches on the themes: plant vitalization and resource management, Bio-Effectors, the natural product industry, resistance to plant disease and international management.

Further commitments[edit]

In the 1970s he was a founder member of the Renewable Raw Materials group of Manfred Dambroth which built up the German Gene Bank of Crop Plants and with Ludwig Reiner was involved in the establishment of German agricultural informatics.

In 1987 Raupp was active in support of Polish small farmers with blizzard maize seed. In 1989 he was invited to teach Agricultural Research and International Management in German and English at the University of Prague-Suchdol, and in 2000 became a member of the editorial board of the scientific journal Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica Prague. Since the beginning of the Erasmus programme he has been involved in international student exchange and in Rotarian youth exchange, and is a member of the Regional Committee Germany-Turkey of Rotary International.

He is active as a Guest Lecturer within the framework of the Erasmus relationship between Trakya University and the University of Chester on the one hand, and DHBW Loerrach on the other. Together with Mukadder Seyhan Yuecel he prepared the Loerrach Symposium at Trakya University. He also campaigned for the recognition of the Selimiye Mosque in the UNESCO list of World Culture heritage.

Herr Raupp was a founder of the German BioValley, was a founder member of the Trinational School Research Centre phaenovum and is Chairman of Loerrach International.

Selected publications[edit]

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  • Honorary Professor of the Czech University of Prague 2003
  • Paul Harris Fellow Medaille of Rotary International 2011
  • Appointment as Guest Professor of Chester University 2012
  • Honorary Citizen of Edirne 2015 [4]


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