Manfred Mann Chapter Three (album)

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Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Manfred Mann Chapter Three UK.jpg
Studio album by Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Released 7 November 1969
Recorded June - October 1969
Studio Maximum Sound Studios, London
Genre Jazz rock, progressive rock
Length 50:10 (original)
68:25 (bonus track)
Label Vertigo (UK original release)
Bronze (UK 1980 reissue)
Cohesion (UK 1993 reissue)
Polydor (U.S.)
Fontana (Australia)
Producer Manfred Mann
Manfred Mann Chapter Three chronology
Mighty Garvey!
(1968)Mighty Garvey!1968
Manfred Mann Chapter Three
Manfred Mann Chapter Three Volume Two
(1970)Manfred Mann Chapter Three Volume Two1970
Alternative cover
Manfred Mann Chapter Three (US version)
Manfred Mann Chapter Three (US version)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.0/5 stars[1]
Christgau's Record Guide C+[2]

Manfred Mann Chapter Three is the debut album released in 1969 by Manfred Mann Chapter Three. It was one of the three first albums released on the Vertigo record label. The principal members of the group were Manfred Mann and Mike Hugg. Mann played the organ and acted as the group's musical arranger, whilst Hugg handled vocals, played piano and was the chief songwriter. The group was augmented by a five-piece brass section and several distinguished jazz soloists.

The core songs "Travelling Lady", "Snakeskin Garter", "Devil Woman" and "Time" define the album's sound: long, slow, doomy one chord riffs beneath sections of breathy vocals, powerful brass and free-form improvised solos. "Konekuf" is the same without the vocals, while "A Study in Inaccuracy" is simply freeform. "Sometimes", "One Way Glass", "Ain't It Sad" and "Where Am I Going" are shorter and more melodic, wistful songs centering on Hugg's electric piano, on which he turns in an able solo on "Mister, You're a Better Man Than I".

Track listing[edit]

Tracks written by Mike Hugg except noted

Side one[edit]

  1. "Travelling Lady" (Manfred Mann, Hugg) – 5:48
  2. "Snakeskin Garter" – 5:48
  3. "Konekuf" (Mann) – 5:47
  4. "Sometimes" – 2:37
  5. "Devil Woman" – 5:24

Side two[edit]

  1. "Time" – 7:25
  2. "One Way Glass" (Mann, Pete Thomas) – 3:33
  3. "Mister, You're a Better Man Than I" (Mike Hugg, Brian Hugg, Mann) – 5:10
  4. "Ain't It Sad" – 1:57
  5. "A Study in Inaccuracy" (Mann) – 4:05
  6. "Where Am I Going" – 2:36

Additional tracks (1999 CD re-issue)[edit]

  1. "Sometimes" (single mono version) – 2:22
  2. "Travelling Lady" (single mono version) (Mann, Hugg) – 5:20
  3. "Devil Woman" (single version) – 5:23
  4. "A Study in Inaccuracy" (alternative version) – 5:10


Manfred Mann Chapter Three[edit]

Wind section[edit]




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