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Manga magazine, formerly known as Takuhai, is a free quarterly magazine published by Tokyopop, which gives preview chapters of a selection of the company's new manga titles, as well as fan art, interviews, and short articles. The magazine is intended as a publicity vehicle, similar to Tokyopop Sneaks, free preview compilations of Tokyopop titles.[1]

History and profile[edit]

It was first published in the summer of 2005.[2] The magazine's original title, Takuhai meant "home delivery" in Japanese, but this was changed when Tokyopop discovered that many readers were accessing it through bookstores, comic stores, and newsstands.[3][4] The magazine retitled to Manga in September 2005.[3]

The magazine has two parts, each with its own cover page. The front half is read left-to-right, while the back half is read in Japanese style, right-to-left. Manga also includes an online issue with completely different material to the printed publication, and which is updated every month.


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