Manga Action

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Manga Action
Weekly Manga Action logo.png
Cover of 3 June 2008 issue.
Categories Seinen manga[1]
Frequency Weekly (until 2003), Fortnightly (from 2003)
First issue 7 July 1967
Company Futabasha
Country Japan
Language Japanese
Website Official site

Manga Action (漫画アクション) is a Japanese seinen manga magazine published by Futabasha. It is currently published twice a month, on the first and third Thursday[2] The magazine was originally formed as Weekly Manga Action (WEEKLY漫画アクション) and began publishing weekly from July 7, 1967. It is considered the first true seinen magazine.[3] In 2003 it changed to its current publishing format and dropped the Weekly part of its name to reflect its new schedule.

Circulation numbers between October 2009 and September 2010 was 200,000.[4]

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