Manga Burikko

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Manga Burikko
Manga Burikko.png
December 1984 issue of Manga Burikko
December 1984 issue
Categories Manga: lolicon, hentai, science fiction
Frequency Monthly
First issue November 1982
Final issue February 1986
Company Byakuya Shobo
Country Japan
Language Japanese

Manga Burikko (漫画ブリッコ) was a lolicon hentai manga magazine published by Byakuya Shobo from 1982 to 1986 in Japan.[1] The magazine was launched as a competitor to Lemon People, but it only lasted three years. The manga in the magazine were generally bishōjo and lolita manga which were mostly science fiction, parody, shōjo manga-style, anime-related, idol star related, and anything otaku related.[1] In response to reader demand, Manga Burikko removed nude photographs of girls and explicit sex from its contents.[2]

Other competing adult manga magazines include Manga Hot Milk, Melon Comic, and Monthly Halflita.[1]

Most of the editors and contributors to the Petit Apple Pie manga anthology series also worked on (or published in) Manga Burikko. However, unlike the content in Manga Burikko, the Petit Apple Pie stories do not contain any erotic or pornographic material.[3]

Manga artists published[edit]

Following is a list of some of the manga artists who have had works published in Manga Burikko:



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