Manga Erotics F

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Manga Erotics F
FrequencyMonthly (2001–2002)
Bi-monthly (2002–2014)
First issueJanuary 1, 2001 (2001-01-01)
Final issueJuly 8, 2014 (2014-07-08)
CompanyOhta Publishing

Manga Erotics F (Japanese: マンガ・エロティクス・エフ, Hepburn: Manga Erotikusu Efu) was a bimonthly manga magazine by Ohta Publishing. It was first published as a monthly magazine on January 1, 2001, and switched to bimonthly in May 2002, releasing on the seventh of odd months. It ceased publication on July 8, 2014 with volume 88.[1]

The manga magazine was created as a merger of two former magazines by Ohta Publishing, the monthly Manga Erotics and the seasonal Manga F. Manga artist Naoki Yamamoto had a supervisorial role in the publication of the magazine, to which he also contributes some works. Unlike what its title may suggest, works lacking direct sexual expression are also included.[citation needed] The magazine is considered "underground" and published "artsy sex comics", according to Jason Thompson.[2]

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