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Mangaf by Sea
Mangaf's New Houses
Mangaf Beach

Mangaf is a suburb of Kuwait City. It is a mix of old and new. The old is split into two areas; commercial and residential. Government housing from the 1980s formed the area with houses, while the rest was a large collection of residential tower blocks, a limited number of shops and fast-food places.

There is a larger concentration of shops in the area locally known as Al Azeeziya. A concentration of mobile phone shops, computers, and more. It also has a branch of the Sultan Center chain. Mangaf now has many fast food chains such as KFC, Hardees along with other famous restaurants such as Minutes, Steek, Bustan Al Turkey Restaurant etc.

The suburb has witnessed a huge expansion with the additional area being mainly residential. Works are nearing completion with some areas still missing basic infrastructure.

The new split of blocks gives Mangaf a total of 5. Block five is the Hilton Resort Kuwait, with the other blocks being made up of primarily two or three storey villas. Mangaf is now a destination living area for expats looking for good affordable living in Kuwait.[1]

Mangaf sits on the Persian Gulf and adjacent to the Hilton's private beach, there is a small public beach accessible from the Coastal Road.

There is a petrol station also in Block 1. Also the very famous Princess Rent A Car which includes all types of cars from sports to luxuries and even limousines is located in Block 1.

The English School Fahaheel Kuwait is located in the area.