Mangahao Power Station

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Mangahao Power Station
Mangahao Power Station is located in New Zealand
Mangahao Power Station
Location of Mangahao Power Station in New Zealand
Country New Zealand
Location Manawatu-Wanganui
Coordinates 40°34′36″S 175°27′1″E / 40.57667°S 175.45028°E / -40.57667; 175.45028Coordinates: 40°34′36″S 175°27′1″E / 40.57667°S 175.45028°E / -40.57667; 175.45028
Status Operational
Commission date November 1924
Owner(s) Todd Energy, King Country Energy
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Hydroelectric
Power generation
Units operational 3 (1 x Francis, 2 x Pelton)
Nameplate capacity 38 MW (51,000 hp)

Mangahao Power Station is a hydroelectric power station near the town of Shannon, New Zealand. After being delayed by war, access roading and foundation testing was started by late 1919 and the station opened in November 1924.[1][2] It makes use of Mangahao River, through a series of tunnels and pipelines totaling 4.8 kilometers, in the Tararua Ranges. Mangahao Power Station became the power station for Wellington, Horowhenua, Taranaki, Hawkes Bay, and the Wairarapa.[3] As of 2012, it is jointly owned and operated by Todd Energy and King Country Energy.[4][5]

The North Islands Mangahao hydroelectric power station


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