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Mangal Prabhat

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Mangal Prabhat
AuthorMahatma Gandhi
Original titleમંગળપ્રભાત
SubjectGandhian philosophy
PublisherNavajivan Trust
Publication date
Publication placeIndia
Original text
મંગળપ્રભાત at Gujarati Wikisource

Mangal Prabhat is a book by Mahatma Gandhi. It was published posthumously in 1958 with the preface written by Dattatreya Balkrishna Kalelkar.

Origin and publication history[edit]

Gandhi used to deliver a speech on the Ashram vows every Tuesday after prayers. These speeches later compiled by Narandas Gandhi and was published as a book Mangal Prabhat[1] in 1958.


Mangal Prabhat discusses the eleven vows taken by Gandhi in detail.[2]


The book was translated into Hindi by Amritlal Thakordas Nanavaty.[3] It was also adapted into verse in Marathi language and was titles Abhang Vraten.[2]


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