Mangalam Veettil Manaseswari Gupta

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Mangalam Veettil Manaseswari Gupta
Directed bySuresh Vinu
Produced byMani C. Kappan
Girish Vaikom
Written byMani C. Kappan
Reghunath Paleri
Vani Viswanath
Narendra Prasad
Cochin Hanifa
Mani C. Kappan
Music byJohnson
Edited byG. Murali
Release date
Country India

Mangalam Veettil Manaseswari Gupta is 1995 Malayalam film starring Jayaram and Vani Viswanath.


A grandfather tries to find a groom for his granddaughter Maya, who returns from Mumbai. However, he does not know that she is already married to photographer Jayadevan. There is a parallel plot line in which a few underworld dons are trying to retrieve diamonds from Maya, which she possesses unknowingly.


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